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Arkansas AA Meetings

For information and directions for a Arkansas AA Meeting — make a selection below for your city or area.

If there is not a listing for a Arkansas AA Meeting for your city (in the list below) — Contact the local AA in the city that is nearest you. They will help you locate a meeting that is nearest to your location.

Sometimes, new or small AA meetings, or newly moved meetings will not be listed in the directories yet — or the information may have changed.

This is why it is important to contact one of the Arkansas Central Offices, Intergroups, or Alano Clubs for the most recent information. The AA members in these offices will always have the most recent information and change notifications.

Spanish Speaking AA Meetings: Most often, the Spanish Speaking AA Meetings will be designated as: Oficina Inegroupal and they will have additional literature in Spanish, and also be able to help you locate the Spanish Speaking AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is worldwide with A.A. meetings in almost every community. You can find times and places of local A.A. meetings or events by contacting a nearby A.A. Central Office, Intergroups, or A.A. Answering Services.

If you have a desire to stop drinking and your drinking is causing you problems — or, if you have discovered that living without alcohol is uncomfortable, and you get restless, irritable or discontented when not drinking — it is highly suggested that you find a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. You may discover why you feel this way.

Arkansas A.A. Central Offices, Intergroups, Answering Services by City and Area

Alcoholics Anonymous Arkansas Meetings and Area Websites

Bridgeport Connecticut A.A. Meetings

Bridgeport Greater Bridgeport Answering Service
Bridgeport CT (203) 333-5804

Alcoholics Anonymous help, information, literature, books and AA meeting directories.


(for telephone help use this number)

1209 North B Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901-2749
Telephone: (479) 783-0123
Fort Smith AA -- Alcoholics Anonymous Website

For meeting information in Fort Smith, Arkansas visit this website: Fort Smith AA -- FortSmithAA.com


Little Rock AA Central Office: Little Rock AA Central Office

To locate an AA meeting in all cities in the state of Arkansas, visit this link: Arkansas Central Office


Northwest Arkansas Intergroup
(Sorry, no phone number or address has been submitted by them yet).
This is the home of Arkansas District One Area 4 AA. District One is currently comprised of the AA groups in Beaver, Bella Vista, Bentonville, Berryville, Cave Springs, Elkins, Eureka Springs, Farmington, Fayetteville, Garfield, Gravette, Harrison, Huntsville, Prairie Grove, Rogers, Siloam Springs, Springdale and West Fork. The main page for District One, including contact information, a schedule of all the above groups and further information regarding District One may be found here.

List of District 1 meeting dates, Area Assembly meeting dates and other announcement/events pertinent to District One AA and/or AA as a whole will also be made available.

Northwest Arkansas AA is also the official site for meeting times and information for the Eureka Springs Coffee Pot Group.

Northwest Arkansas AA also has interesting AA history and information, links to AA groups outside of Northwest Arkansas and links to AA groups in surrounding states.

Other resources:

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services

Al-anon, Alateen, ACOA of ARKANSAS: (501) 372-5234

Al-Anon Family Groups website for Al-Anon Meetings

VA Fort Roots (501) 257-1000

Wilbur Mills Treatment Center (501) 268-7777

Treatment Centers of America (501) 375-7585

Serenity Park Treatment Facility - Little Rock, Arkansas (501) 663-7627

Kelly Foundation; Recovery Dynamics Literature, Treatment Center Resources, (501) 663-6553

Riverbend Treatment Facility (501)372-4611

Sobering Center-Detoxification (501) 686-9393

Wolfe Street Center in Little Rock: (501) 372-5662

Mountain Home Area Information 1-800-808-8680

Fort Smith Area Intergroup Central Office 783-0123

Intergroup Council of West-Central Arkansas 623-6328


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