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Charlie P.

Charlie P. (of the Charlie and Joe McQ Big Book Study) Funeral Information

April 21, 2011 -- Charlie P., (of Charlie and Joe Big Book Study) passed away last night.

Charlie P. and Joe McQ, RIP, from Arkansas, USA, carried the message of Alcoholics Anonymous -- the Big Book, to literally hundreds of thousands of members in our Fellowship in dozens of countries all around the globe. Many in our Fellowship have been helped and had their lives transformed as a result of following along with Charlie and Joe, in their Big Book Studies, that were often performed at Conventions, Round-ups, Retreats, Conferences and onboard Sober Cruises.

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Charlie Parmley - funeral of Charlie P. of the Charlie & Joe Big Book Studies that were held all over the world. Charlie lived in Maysville, Arkansas, and the funeral was near his home, in Jay, Oklahoma. Charlie & Joe spoke to hundreds of thousands of AA's and helped get the fellowship directed back to the Program of Recovery in The Big Book.


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