another step 9 dillema

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Postby DiggerinVA » Sat Oct 17, 2009 8:39 pm

I caused allot of damage in my life. But the real sad thing is the damage that I caused that hurt me more than anything else. Happened when I came into the rooms. I take responsibility for it, but I found no help in the meeting I could attend.

Finding a good sponsor can be tough.

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Postby gunner48 » Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:35 pm

Good to hear once again how the truth will set us free.

Peace and love

Jim W
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Postby Jim W » Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:27 am

youngsobriety6of07 wrote:I worked my step 9 with my sponsor last thursday, and I told her and my boyfriend the ENTIRE truth. My mind made it out to be this huge deal, and that they were going to freak out about it, and I even went as far as to make sure I had the funds for a hotel room before I told my boyfriend!

When I told him, all he said was, well, its not a good thing, but if I loved you before, I can't imagine how much I will love the person that doesn't have to carry a burden like that.

I really believe that this is a perfect example of why you need to pick a good sponsor. My first sponsor almost killed me telling me to keep this to myself. My second sponsor told me I needed to go as far as to make amends at my homegroup and district and to the people that I was up against when nominations for my positions were made.

Its amazing how God can make a dishonest crackhead/ alcoholic into an honest, loving person. Thank you all so much, personal recovery depends upon AA unity!

And personal recovery is a result of two ingredients-willingness coupled with good, solid sponsorship. I am a product of good, solid Big Book-based sponsorship. Without it, I wouldn't alive, or at least in my right mind.

And where there is sponsorship & recovery happening, there will be true unity and fellowship. And real service will flow from that and it becomes circular.

I'm convinced that there isn't one single problem that we face today in A.A. that can't be solved through good sponsorship.

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