How long should I wait to take the 12 Steps?

12 Steps: Discussions related to the 12 Steps and using them as a treatment to recover from alcohol and drug addiction.
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how long???

Postby trinity » Tue Nov 29, 2005 3:53 am

Yeah, I'm a pleaser---I want to do anything you tell me to. So I jumped right in after a month, I was on the All California Young Peoples in AA Committee. ACYPAA. I had worked my first three steps in my second month...but the fourth step was hard...only because I convinced myself it was hard. Once I started going to a step study meeting, I started to understand the urgency and importance of working my steps. I've gone through them once, of course, I go through most on a daily basis, but I have a new sponsor, so I'm going to go through them again. There are many ways to study the BB but only one solution and that is to work the steps as laid out in the book, [b]With a Sponsor[/b]...I tried to do it on my own and got nowhere, it just made no sense to me. I just got my first sponsee and I am really excited, I can already see the change happening. I didn't think I was ready, but my sponsor said I was ready and sent this girl my way. I had some fears about it but I put them in my God box and they have been removed. I can only get rid of my fears by 1. Praying to my Higher Power and 2. Get out there and be of service to other alcoholics. So, that's what I took kme nine months to finish my amends and the such, it took me too long to be willing to walk another through the steps, but I'm doing it now :D Like Nike says, "Just Do It"!!! It's not so scary s it seems, and the results are well worth the work. :lol:

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90 meeting in 90 days

Postby samantha » Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:25 am

Yep,,, When I came to AA, I did, with my sponser, go to 30 meetings in 30 days.....that's what we were doing in them old days.......I'v been working at the dept store for the xmas rush, so I havn't been keeping up to date......I'll be back!!! :wink: 8)
Happy to be sober

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12 Steps: Pathway to life!

Postby Spiritman » Wed Dec 21, 2005 11:12 pm

I've been off line for a while, and I missed reading the web postings of all you folks.
I've been going to meetings, have a new sponsor, and believe it or not, recently the question came up about doing the steps. Some old timers in the group made quotes form this book or that book, one of them even said they rea it in the Big Book, that working the steps takes at least a year!
I gave them some quotes, and the web address of this wonderful place.

Glad to be back.
The Spiritman!

Rusty Zipper
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Postby Rusty Zipper » Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:36 am

Spirit, glad ta see ya back... Spirit, the Realm Of! ... my sponser took me through the steps at about one a month... he kept me on some a little longer than others... liked to see if i got the message... kept put'n me back on 1,2,3 a lot in the begining... come'n up on three years liv'n the Spirit... me thinks the BB says, skeedaddle on through them... life, or death... Dallas will know... it's a lifetime work in progress... Happy Holid "AA" ze!... :roll: RZ :wink:

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The Day Before Christmas: Step 12

Postby Spiritman » Sat Dec 24, 2005 10:08 am

Hello Rusty Zipper and everyone else!

The Steps are a way of life! I love them. And I am so glad that people are sharing how they did the steps with others... in nourishing ways. Self expression in a nonjudgemental fashion encourages recovery, at least that is my opinion.

I appreciate you sharing about your Step Adventure, the journey to a new life!

Peace and Serenity,

The Spiritman

Disco Dave
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Are you ready?

Postby Disco Dave » Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:00 am

Hey y'all!
Just registered as a member. It seems like an interesting crowd here.
The question when one is ready to take the steps is something I find quite interesting. Firstly because of the nature of the question. What came first? The egg or the hen?
In the beginning there was no meetings as we know them today. It was one alcoholic working with another. Then when meetings started to come about, the newcomers was qualified into AA by taking the first three steps and continuing to work the steps. He had to do this before coming to a meeting. The result was that a lot of people hung around and stayed sober.
What we are seeing today at a lot of places is that meetings is getting more important than the actual program of recovery. In other words, AA has turned into group therapy at alot of places. Because of this newcomers and old timers wonder about when it's time to work the steps while people are taking relapses all around them. They have no clue. I had no clue. I went to meetings and meetings 'til I was so sick of it.
After 2 years in the fellowship and a couple of relapses I still didn't know what it really meant to be an alcoholic. When some one at last read the Big Book with me and showed me what it really means to be an alcoholic I realised the hopelessness of my disease and jumped in to the recovery program. Within a couple of months I had recovered. This was over four years ago and it has been a wonderful journey so far. My fiancee is also in AA today. She went through the steps in a week as soon as she found some one who could guide her through the work.
One of the first old timers I met when I first came to AA used to say that when you start throwing up it's too late. I used to see this as just a funny joke in the beginning, but my experience has told me that this is certainly true.

Much Love Disco Dave

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Postby Dallas » Thu Feb 02, 2006 2:34 pm

Hey Disco Dave! Welcome to and to the forums. Glad you're here and thanks for joining in and participating.

I enjoyed your message. Had almost the same experience at 5 1/2 months sober and unable to make it back to sober! Once I did get a second chance, I got real serious about finding out what some AA's that were staying sober and getting better were doing... that I hadn't been doing. I had nearly died on the message that I heard "Just don't drink and go to meetings!"

Heck! I had been going to three meetings a day, and during one of those blind spots, I was curling 16 ouncer's and didn't even realize I was drinking! Matter of fact... while I was drinking I kept saying "This drink isn't mine... it's her's... I don't drink, I'm in AA!" :oops: I doubt if my insanity was very impressive to those who were watching! And, of course, I had a case of classic alcoholic relapse... and when the phenomena of craving kicked in... it didn't matter what I thought... I couldn't stop drinking.

Your message also ties in with a question that was ask in another thread, about a "Formal First Step" here in the 12 Steps Forum. I had to learn what it really meant to be really alcoholic. And, it took another alcoholic to explain to me what it meant to be real alcoholic.

Once I learned what it meant to be real alcoholic, and that my life was unmanageable, the most logical decision that I could make was to rocket myself into a course of action that would plug me into the solution of Powerlessness.... IF I wanted to live, and live sober, and have a chance of getting better. And, for me, that course of action meant the 12 Steps.

Enjoy the miracles.


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Like it!

Postby Spiritman » Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:33 pm

Disco Dave,

I like your perspective.
Glad you are here!
More later,gotta hit the road.
Howdy Dallas!
The Spiritman

Rusty Zipper
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Postby Rusty Zipper » Sat Feb 04, 2006 12:18 am

hey DD, howd's to you... glad ya Came to Believe!... glad you all did the field tests for me... all before me, and those that are hear now... who had the Pukes, ha... pray'n to the porceline God... lol... if that aint belief, and trust... i dont know what is... My Band of Gypy's stil want me to put my hand in the light socket again... lol... today, nope... onedayatta... hope to see ya hang rounds Disco... hey ya stil have the white polly leisure suit?... good wishes to DD... bless, xo PC

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welcome DD

Postby musicmode » Sun Feb 05, 2006 3:04 am

My name is Anne, I am an alcoholic,

Welcome to, glad you could join us.

Step 1-today-is admitting how I really feel at the very time I'm feelin' it. That one's tough for me, cuz it's so me to just keep goin', I'm fine-don't need no one's help. Not bein' very honest with anyone, includin' & especially myself. Tonight-& I just come back from a meetin', too--& the topic was freedom from bondage. I'm breakin' out on my own with 2 daughters (11&8), paid the rent on it today...&--I've never been able to admit this feelin' to anyone, cuz how weak it is to admit that--well--quite frankly--I'm one great big white knuckle tonight--y'know? I've made so many irrational decisions in the past...I'm afraid to trust that this decision isn't another one that's irrational. I had to get addiction in the marriage...& if I stayed...I will sooner or later pick up. The confusion comes from the feelin' of reneging on the commitment/loyalty to the marriage. Isn't this more of an al-anon share? I s'pose so...but I am an alcoholic who deeply and truly desires to live clean and sober...don't want the stuff in me...don't want it around me. It's so typical of me to get part way through somethin' & bail, too. What I have to trust, and do trust, is that I am doin' this for my own sobriety. I don't trust myself in that environment. For a long time, I thought I could...after all---I don't gotta drink/use...and--99% of the time, abstaining can be done. But there's that 1%...small...cunning, baffling...powerful. I am powerless over alcohol, I am powerless over this disease. There is One who has all power...that One is God as I understand Him...every day I hand my will and my life over, and here is where I am at the end of the day. Keep puttin' one step in front of the other/one day at a time...and pray that I am not where I am because of my own will. Ya...over think...over analyze...over do...I do trust that my HP is guiding me...I do trust that He knows what's best and I keep following the bouncing ball per say. That band of gypsies is very much trying to move into my head tonight, but I'm gonna browse around the my step work, and then do I what I know I'm a little shy on, and that's sleep. HALT...'bout the only one I'm not tonight is angry...before that one creeps in...nite all. Stay sober for me/stay sober for you. Later, gators. Annie 8)

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