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Rehab miracle-boy

Postby tim-one » Wed May 13, 2009 11:50 am

Primer: In rehab, if we stacked up a few "obedient" weeks, we earned a pass to visit the real world for a few hours.

David, maybe 65 year old retired marine, checked in sleeping in a wheel chair. He stayed asleep for about a week, then wheeled himself around for a week. He never said a word and didn't look at anyone.

Third week, he started walking ... sorta. He shuffled very, very slowly, slumped over at the chest. Still not a word. I always said something to him and he just nodded (I dunno. I guess it was a nod.)

He started shuffling out to the smoke hole to get outside. Still never said anything.

Tims 1, 3, and 4 were standing around swapping lies when suddenly PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT ! From David sitting in his chair.

I said, DUDE! What's that tune you're humming? I bet I can figure it out with 4 more notes."

He said, "I'm practicing for my 8 hour pass."

WE FELL OUT !!!!!!! OMAGOD !!!! First words ever out of his mouth was a FART JOKE!!

"What are you gonna look like then? Warn us so we can be, uh, somewhere else!"

We were red-faced-veins-popping-out-of-our-foreheads laughing and he was joking with us! SO frign out-of-character for him. It was the totally unexpected that made it more funny than it probably was. Blew us away.

It was a sudden miracle !

"Miracle boy" was in my IOP group and I steadily watched him become more and more outgoing, back at work, talking, sharing, laughing, and crying. He's a funny as hell guy and very friendly. And he actually has a stride about him now. Only one of the miracles I'd witnessed there.

But THIS one started with laugher. Just like MY HP to do that. :-)

Love y'all,

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