Everywhere I go

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Everywhere I go

Postby tim-one » Thu May 21, 2009 7:54 am

It's good for me to remember without regret so I can know where I'm going now without regret.

Yesterday, I went to my convenience store to buy smokes. There's a cute little Jamaican girl there with nice braids and beads in her hair. She's always happy, smiling, and joking. I haven't seen her there in a while.

I walked up with a root beer and peanut M&Ms (my new addiction since rehab. Sweet tooth from hell. W'sup WIDDAT? I thunk booze was gonna rot my teeth! :P ).

She said, "Something's wrong here. No wine?"

"No, I stopped drinking and it's your fault." (She had mentioned a long time ago that I sure buy a lot of that!" (Smiling, of course.) "So you talked me into it."

She mused, "No wonder we haven't had to restock that this year!" :?

DAMMIT! I checked in January 7th! :lol:

This morning I went to another store for smokes. Fewer school zones to get there in the morning.

"Two packs, please."

He said, "No wine today?" :roll: (geez... )

Oh,well, perfect question for me to practice saying:
"No, thanks, not today."

He pointed to a new display on the counter and asked me if I'd tried this stuff. I read the bottle. "Johnny Bootlegger". "Alcatraz Apple". (oh, yeah ... I really NEED summaDAT. "Alkietraz Apple".)

I said, "No. I haven't." (Aincha proud o'me? :) )

He did NOT say, "It's tastes pretty good!"

He said enticingly, "Twelve percent!"


Really ... they were two hilarious moments. HP and I laughed all the way home. Like Venus, TX, drunk is a nice place to be FROM. Didn't lose anything there I need to go back for. :wink:

Love y'all!

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