This is for alcoholics and addicts in 12 Step Recovery. Introduce yourself or read introductions from others!
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Postby tim-one » Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:06 am

Very well said, guys.

Sometimes it's difficult for me to separate the difference between listening to someone share an experience and getting myself lectured over something stoopid I might do.

I said that to Dallas somewhere earlier. I just think so loud and so intently consider it for myself that I consider myself admonished by someone else's experience.

Fact is, all the local attitudes I notice and accept as unwritten rules are common threads of experience the old-timers agree on.

No one hase ever said this or that is the AA way and no one is ever ordered to do this or that.

Peops around here are very good about keeping sharing to "I" statements and not "you should ..." or "You have to ...".

It's all just experience. I accept it as advice if it means something to me and I can use it at the time.

ME? - I'm up to my spiritual neck with my lifetime wife amends. Thank God she's a NORMIE! OH, good Lord ... not that she's SANE, y'unnerstan. At least she's NORMAL insane. :lol:


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Postby Memgal306 » Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:41 pm

Great posts! Yea you are right about us alkies do not like to be told what to do! Ithink that was half my proble. I would rebel against my parents with the drinking and I am 43 years old. Time for Kim to grow up. :lol: Nowadays I rebel in different ways...

Sponsorship - I could write a book about that and I am a newbie. I thinkl I will just listen or read... :shock:

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Postby Dallas » Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:28 pm

Hey Kim! I understand! When I was new I could of wrote a good book on sponsorship, too! Then, I started drinking again... and it goofed up by book deal. :lol:

Actually, I was working on the sponsor book before I started drinking again.

My plans at the time were to come up a program like: Alternative to A.A. ! In my program... you could still drink... as long as you put $5 in the basket... and I'd show you how to drink, control and enjoy it! (I'd leave the buck a basket people in AA)...

Yep. I was headed down to Mexico to get a nice tan and come back and get my six month chip... and then anounce my new AAA program and see if I could recruit some new members to leave AA and join me!

Trouble was... I had to make it to six months, I thought, or people might not think my program would work for them and it would be a harder sell!

And, I screwed that deal up, too... because I started drinking again on my way to Mexico, to get my tan -- so I could look got and hot for my chip... and do some recruiting!

Then, when I couldn't get sober again... I'd get drunk and pass out Big Books to other drunks that looked as drunk as me... hoping, I could figure out what Bill Wilson did... to get sober! I sure went through a lot of cases of big books! And, I'd suggest to the drunks that took a book from me the following:

"Hey man, if you want to get sober, read this book, go to AA and get a sponsor... do the stuff in the book, and don't ever drink again, or you'll end up like me!"

And, that's the REAL truth!

(I told you... my story was pretty boring! I'd get drunk and drive around looking for drunks and passing out Big Books.)


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Postby tim-one » Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:40 pm

AW, Dyood ! :lol:

I'm glad you kept coming back, brother. I guess somebody finally read the book to ya. Or AT YA. :lol: Was one of those drunk your sponsor this time? Gotcha back, did he? :wink:

I'm a 2 time winner. Stayed dry 2 years somehow. I was dry. My life was no better. So I drank for 10 more years.

I found my first BB in a box a few months ago. Hard bound. Pristine. Not a fingerprint in it. My new one looks like an original manuscript that went through a rock tumbler. And it's SO colorful inside. :P

I'm keeping the old one to mark up clean without all the scribbles. I'll transfer what I marked in the old one and use a rational color code this time. I'll write neater, too. Not like I was being chased by Indians on a stagecoach. Well, I was a bit panicked. No Indians, though. :lol:


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