Hello I am New to this signed up 10-15-09

This is for alcoholics and addicts in 12 Step Recovery. Introduce yourself or read introductions from others!
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Hello I am New to this signed up 10-15-09

Postby QSrqFL » Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:16 pm

Hello my name is QsrqFL (Chris) and I am an Alcoholic. I currently will have 10 months on the 17th there for my AA Birthday is 12-17-08. My story starts around age 15 where I first picked up a drink. I never thought that it would consume me as much as I consumed it. What started out as drinking cause friends did and it was cool at the time turned into a nightmare as the years moved on. I am not new to AA this is my second term as you will. The first signs of problems began around 1995 where drinking became my outlet to avoiding life's problems which then lead me to become more involved with the wrong side of the law. It took getting arrested to get to my first term or round of AA which started with going to a treatment center followed by a halfway house which was also to avoid going to jail. It was tough at first to admit I had a problem and that life was unmanageable. For awhile I did admit it and that it was unmanageable. Then I thought that I had it under control of which for the most part I did. I didn't drink for almost a year then I picked up one but still had it under control I did not have to have a 12 pack a night. I was comfortable to be able to have 2 beers or 2 mixed drinks after i got off work. Now here it progressed after I got married of which it lasted only a year before we were getting divorced that's when it blew up to getting wasted every night. Not drinking till I got drunk but drinking till I could not walk and or control myself which lead to more trouble with the law and major fights which would soon become my ex wife. Once the law got involved I quickly knew I had lost control and I swore it off again but without the help of AA and I did good for awhile I pulled out the books that I had gotten and read the pages, But what I did not know is that it still had control of me again I would start again drinking socially until 7 years ago when I got hurt on the job which left me injured and unable to work a normal job. So Now over the next 7 years the progression of my drinking slowly built up again till just last year I was back to drinking till I was I uncontrollably drunk everyday with a new friend mixed in called painkillers. Though I had somewhat started to build a new life for myself which quickly failed before it could begin. So here I am back in AA for good doing what I should have done roughly 14 years ago. This time I am doing it right by working the steps Accepting the fact that if I don't Alcohol will kill me. The last 10 months have really opened my eyes not only to the disease I have but to life in general. Though the road ahead of me is now life long I know I will face many challenges. It will be the hope faith and strength along with the rooms that will keep me strong. I thank everyone for bearing with my chatter here today and hope that you can come to me as I come to you before we pick up the first drink again.

( Chris )

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Postby Dallas » Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:08 pm

Welcome, Chris! Keep coming back!

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