Hi all.

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Hi all.

Postby butch » Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:25 pm

Hi, my name is Charles (Butch) M and i am an alcoholic. On labor day of 09 i drank myself into a blackout while i was responsible for grandkids. No one got hurt as we were at home. Guardian angels are at times needed to watch out for fools. This action led to my going to treatment in Norton Ks and upon returning home, joining my local aa community. With His help and the help of aa i have been sober just pass 5 months. Today life is good and i am learning to deal more with life on lifes terms everyday. I am looking forward to this forum as another tool to help my recovery. It's still is and always will be "just one day at a time."

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Postby Dallas » Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:53 pm

Hello Butch! Welcome to the site! Great to have you here and I hope you find it helpful. I'm sure that we'll be helped -- if you keep coming back and sharing and participating! So, I encourage you -- to come back often!

I've been sober for a while, but when I was new, I related more to the people that hadn't been around for so long. I could identify with them and find things in common with them. You'll be able to help others here that will be able to relate more to you and identify with you more than they can with me -- and I'm sure that this will help yoy, too!

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