Hey all!

This is for alcoholics and addicts in 12 Step Recovery. Introduce yourself or read introductions from others!
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Hey all!

Postby caj » Mon Feb 13, 2006 3:27 pm

My name is Jim, and I am an alcoholic. I have been searching the net for related AA info and stumbled (not literally!! ) upon this site and love it! Only been dry for a couple months and love the new life I have so far. Doors continue to open daily. I will be reading this forum for days to come! Thanks for letting me share and for finding this site!

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Postby Dallas » Mon Feb 13, 2006 5:37 pm

Hey Jim!!!

Really glad you found us! Just pull up your chair and make yourself at home.

You may be the human being that I need to hear from today to help keep my life going in the right direction.

Or, you may be that person tomorrow... so stick around! There is definitely a reason and a purpose that you landed here.

Thanks for sharing. And, Welcome!!!


Tina L.
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Postby Tina L. » Thu Mar 30, 2006 7:43 am

welcome jim. xoxoxo tina.

Rusty Zipper
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Postby Rusty Zipper » Fri Mar 31, 2006 2:40 am

hiya caj... we been save'n ya a page, lol.... wonderfull your here. hope to get to know you....good wishes, xo RZ :wink:

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