Hello on my first day .....

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Hello on my first day .....

Postby Tulip » Fri Apr 28, 2006 6:13 pm

Hi. My name is Mary, and I am an alcoholic. Thanks to the grace of God, I haven't had a drink ... today. It's before 2 p.m., so the day is still young. :?

My original sobriety date was May 29, 2001. I had a tough sponsor, which is what I needed, and worked the program well for a few years. Then, my sponsor "fired me" -- I deserve it -- and I decided that I could do just fine all by myself.

That worked for a while, actually for a couple more years. But over that time, I gradually drifed away from the principles of A.A. You all know the story, because you've heard it from others who have relapsed. I did not have a sponsor, then I stopped working on the steps. Then, I went to fewer meetings. Then, I stopped my daily readings of A.A. literature. Then, I stopped getting on my knees each morning and evening. Then, I stopped attending Church as regularly as I had.

Next, I decided that I was doing just fine, and that I had this alcoholic thing under control. I decided that I could have a drink every once in a while -- just like normal people. I would say things like "see, my head doesn't spin in circles". "I'm only having this one". "What's the big deal". And my favorite .... "I'm fine".

There's a good meeting tonight at the facility where I went through treatment. I'm sure that I'll know some of the people there. The tough part is going to be driving past the convenience stores between work and my house this evening ......

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Postby Dallas » Fri Apr 28, 2006 9:52 pm

Tulip wrote: The tough part is going to be driving past the convenience stores between work and my house this evening

Hey Mary!!! Welcome to Step12.com!!! Sure glad you're here. I'm pretty sure that I can speak for all of us here, when I say "We all want to see you make it!"

Thank you for sharing your experience with me! Hopefully, your research will assist in keeping it fresh in my mind that it doesn't get better after the first drink, and I won't have to do any testing or research on my own! :wink:

I suspect that the tough part will be to just not take another drink... whether you drive by the convenience store or not!

I was once told that there are half empty bottles laying around in the tall grass and bushes outside of AA meetings... so regardless of where I'm at, I want to remember first things first.... and that, for me, is not to take the next first drink!

I hope you keep coming back and sharing your experience, strength and hope with us, in addition to keeping us updated on your adventures. It might be me that needs to hear what it is that you've got to share!!!! So, please... keep coming back!

Best wishes to you,


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Postby 1dayatatime36 » Fri Apr 28, 2006 10:03 pm

Welcome to the board Mary, glad you are here..This is a great place to come to..some great support here..i can really relate to the driving past where the bottles are sold, but like Dallas said, it is all about not taking the first drink, no matter where you are..GOD Bless, take care..Tonya

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