Expect the unexpected... or discovered the unsuspected?
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Dallas wrote:
He da Good Humor Man!!!

Did I run down the etimology of "humor" yet? Too bad ... doin it again. 8)

Humor - from the Latin "humare" meaning "wet". (more at damp or moist)

In the old days, doctors determined that the way you feel is dependent on the balance of the four bodily fluids. (K ... this gets kinda gross .. stick with it.)

The 4 fluids are blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile.
The 4 moods are sanguin (blood), phlegmatic (phlegm), choleric, (yellow bile), and melancholy (black bile).

(Check out your mood next time one of those things goes whack on ya. Interesting. By the way, yellow bile is puke, as if you needed that picture.)

Treatment was based on adjusting the fluids. Remember, if you had a fever they would bleed you adjusting your blood level to make you less "sanguin".

Anyway, if you were healthy and in a balanced mood, your bodily fluids were in proper balance; you were "in good humor".

So, if you feel pretty good, YOU'RE ALL WET! :lol:

"A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones." (Prov. sumthin:sumthin)

Heathy wrote:
the hope of a romantic/intimate relationship....

That's it, girl ... romance and intimacy. The all-inportant usually missing ingredient ... long term. Short term is easy. It's called SCHMOOZING.

Gotta remember: sex don't make the world go 'round and love ain't better on a water bed.

(although drunken sex might make the room spin :P )

Heathery wrote:
I know...I sound sappy. But hey, listening to you me hope that there is man out there who will want to share himself with me...who will see me as an equal, but yet take care of me.

SAPPY? Girls are s'posta be sappy ! That's why us guys love y'all !

Talk about SAPPY ... sappy is a GUY who tears up over a chick flick. One who can't thank God without cryin'. One who has to turn around cuz his wife brought home his favorite food that she hates. It's BAREASSING ! :?

I watched two movies in a row the other day ... "Rudy", the short kid with a huge heart that wanted to play football for Notre Dame. Then "Persuit of Happiness, Will Smith about the guy who persevered through a whole life of crap and won. :cry:

I was bawlin' like a little girl. for 4 hours.

I'M A MAN, DAMMIT !! (quoth Gumby, SNL)

And yes, Lil Red Rid'n Hood ... one of us just might BE gramma. 8)

Keep your sober eyes open, girl. There's a good guy for ya. Don't look for him. All you can do is be your sweet sober self and trust HP. He's on your side. :wink:


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