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Postby Rusty Zipper » Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:57 am

hey, what better place to post this... i'm stil house and dog'y sit'n... hour away from home... stop'd by my house to check a few thins... phone rings... its The Angel call'n from the hospital " Un Expected! lol... Lord'y she was grog'y... i let her tell bout it... it's her gig... said she prob be home tommorow... a speedy recovery my sweet li'l Angel... c'mon back on the site asap. love and blessings... PC :wink:
Rusty Zipper
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Postby musicmode » Fri Feb 10, 2006 5:30 am

Glad to hear ya's on the mend...miss your sweet words, Angel...'member, baby...one day at a time. Best to ya...Annie 8)
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