Greetings from Minnesota, Birthplace of 12 Step Treatment!

Alcoholics and Addicts in 12 Step Programs sharing their personal recovery stories with hope to help others who alcoholics and addicts who want to recover using the 12 Steps.
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Postby DebbieV » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:41 am

Welcome Anja....

I look forward to getting to know you and reading your adventures and successes in life as we all trudge this road of happy destiny..
What a blessing to have this site to learn, grow, and share.
Glad you found us. Glad we found you.


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Postby Anja » Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:42 am

Hi Debbie.

"Trudging the road of happy destiny." That line always cracks me up. Have to watch that I don't snort in meetings. Heh.

Must be a George Carlin influence. :wink:

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