I Cannot Quit

Alcoholics and Addicts sharing their personal recovery story with us to help others who want to recover.
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I Cannot Quit

Postby msjwh » Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:25 pm

I cannot quit alcohol at all;
Even if it makes me fall.
For, it is the only thing left that helps me unwind;
Because my man is very unkind.
I need to break up with him before I lose my liver;
Though, he is not a taker; he is a giver.
We combat because we are both mentally ill;
But, he refuses to take any medication pills.
We are a match made in heaven and hell;
And, I know that I am an angel who fell;
Straight from the darkened skies;
I've been sick since I was a baby; that is why I know why.
This relationship will not last;
But, the good times we've had have been a blast.

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