My first time posting and I'm nervous...

Alcoholics and Addicts sharing their personal recovery story with us to help others who want to recover.
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Postby campsurf » Thu Aug 24, 2006 2:24 pm


Welcome and keep coming back. All this stuff works out. I too am like Wareagle....but it doesn't matter. I find myself closest to a higher power through other people.....when I isolate from them is when I get that feeling of being abandonded or not connected....I think everyone of us finds a balance on what works and what doesn't. I personally find I still need 3-4 meetings a week minimunm.

A funny thing is I have been to many "Agnostic" meetings and find a lot of spirituality there... I still fluctuate between believing and using the group. Finding through our willingness to seek is what matters.

I hope you get to stay.....


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