Alcohol in another form? Aspartame - maybe/maybe not?

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Alcohol in another form? Aspartame - maybe/maybe not?

Postby garden variety » Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:58 pm

Hello friends,

In my readings and learnings and dealings with some of those doctors, chiropractors, and "naturalists", I been learning to tame some personal health issues through vitamins and supplements instead of medication. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across some different writings about the artificial sweetner "Aspartame" which is what is in "Nutra-sweet" and "Equal". :shock:

Now I know there's a lot of this and that and controversy with the FDA and it's approval and so forth. But there is one thing that is a concern to this alcoholic. Somehow and in some way, when aspartame is "ingested", the chemical compound the stuff is made of turns about 10% of that artificial sweetener into METHYL ALCOHOL right inside your gut. Now Methyl alcohol is not the same as good ol' "Ethyl" alcohol which is what our "fermented beverages" contain that create the phenominon of craving. But holy cow! It's still a form of alcohol. And the book says that I can't safely use alcohol in ANY FORM.

Well now this Methyl alcohol goes through to the liver, and the liver converts the stuff into formaldihyde which then gets carried away in the body wastes. Now if you want to know what Methyl alcohol is all about, it's the stuff used in anti-freeze in your car. And you know that will kill your dogs and cats if they drink it. So all in all, this substance "Aspartame" doesn't look like a good form of substitute for sugar.

Now this isn't just heresay folks. There's studies and doctor's opinions about aspartame all over the place. But now I'm not a doctor or a professional, so its best for anyone that is concerned abou this to do some additional searching to find more answers.

I never really use the stuff, but I have tasted some diet soda with aspartame, and I won't use it because it tastes bad and it leaves an aftertaste. But now I believe I have all the more reason to avoid Aspartame. I don't want to eat anything that is gonna turn into alcohol once it gets inside me. It just isn't worth the risk. How do I know what that "tiny bit" of methyl alcohol will do if it gets to this alcoholic brain, which the book says alcohol has an "abnormal effect" on my brain.

Now there is all kinds of studies that document a whole bunch of other not-so-good side effects of Aspartame. They say it's also a "exito-toxin" which means it makes the nerves in your brain fire 4- 10 times faster and irratically than if the stuff was actually digested. See here is the problem with excitable-toxins - they somehow break the "blood to brain" barrier and don't go through the standard way of digestion. They go directly to your blood and somehow short-circuit getting digested.

Anyways, I don't think that drinking diet soda with Nutra-sweet is something to change a sobriety date about, but I'm letting you all know there is some risks and dangers with this product, and it somehow turns into a form of alcohol once it's inside the body.

Stay safe friends, read the labels, and remember to "Be careful out there". :wink:

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Postby Susan » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:23 pm

Artificial sugar is bad for your health but I would not consider it a slip. :D It will poison your body. At least Splenda is made from sugar.

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