- I really like this site. How about Telling a bit about you

I really like this site. How about Telling a bit about you

Help for alcohol abuse addiction alcoholics who want to stay sober

I really like this site. How about Telling a bit about you

Postby dsbfaith » Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:23 am

Hi everyone: Thank you again for the reminders to keep it Green. Okay a little about me; I was 39 years old when I surrended,Alcohol and cocaine took my dreams and my life. I was living in a trailor with no electicity,no running water no support.I called my sister asking for help.She was attending AA for 2 years.I waited 2 days for a reply from my sister because she had to talk to her Sponsor about what to do with me. I came into recovery in 1987, My sister with her sponsor took me to a sober safe house and from there I went to a 6week rehab.I had one relapse. I had a hard time in the beginning following suggestions. Found a new love who was 2 years sober,took me to bed and we talked about the steps after quite a few years later,He changed his mind and found another.I was heart broken but in time realised it was a gift from my Higher Power. I have had alot of spirtual coincidences,given a beautiful apt I had asked God not to show me anymore horrible apts and maybe a fireplace would be nice.The moment I walked in I knew it was the one There was a fire place in the living room I could not believe it Then I looked at the bedroom .OMG another fireplace. Sometimes I go back to complacecy,But as soon as I rememed all that has happened in 21 years I become a person in Awe..Thats it from me today. I could write a book I daily pray for the still suffering alcohol in and out of the rooms. And my children who are among them. Someone asked where Southold is.It on Long Island NY-East
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Postby Jools » Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:46 am

Hiya dsb...

Thanx for sharing your life with us. Most of us have shared about ourselves in the "Introduction" section. Go check it out!

Hugs to you,
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Postby sunlight » Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:29 pm

Hi dsbfaith!

I often thought that I haven't "told my story" here, but today is a busy day with my work's holiday party, so it will be later in the week.

I LOVE hearing people's stories & learning about them, even the dreaded "drunk-a-log", as long as they get to the part of what happened & what they're like now. To me, it shows the awesome power of God in their lives.

I'm from Buffalo NY, & that is a hard drinking town! Drugs are part of my story,too, but truthfully, I was a lunatic before I ever put anything in my body.

I belong to a Fellowship club & am on the board there & it's a real opportunity for tolerance & love! :wink:
Yesterday we painted the meeting rooms & what a scene! A bunch of sober alcoholics, from 3 days to 30 years, listening to the radio, painting to the oldies & rap & heavy metal, singing along & laughing & flinging paint at each other & breaking at noon for a meeting.
It's a big part of my life. As are my children & grandchildren & faith & friends & hobbies.

Thank you for being here! More later........
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Postby Dallas » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:54 am

dsbfaith wrote:I had a hard time in the beginning following suggestions......

I understand!!! :lol: :lol:

Thanks for telling us where Southold is! I thought it was in Scotland or somewhere in the UK! :oops:

Thank you for sharing about yourself. I think there's some stuff about me in the Introductions, Personal Stories... or somewhere here in the forum! I could be wrong, though!! I'll have to check and see! :lol: :lol:

dsbfaith also wrote: "I could write a book."

Start writing!!! :lol: I love to read and to listen!!! :wink:

Best wishes to you all..............

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Postby Victor » Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:38 am

:D Welcome DSBfaith

Vic alcoholic good to meet ya thank you for sharing.

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Thanks Dsbfaith

Postby Survivor » Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:08 pm

Thanks for posting this. Stumbling accross your story might just as well have saved me from a slip tonight. I'm from Namibia in Africa visiting Atlanta for business. I came prepared with my list of meetings in and around Atlanta. However I got to stay with the husband of my boss. In short I'm afraid to indanger my anonymity. Your story reminded me why I enjoy sobiety for more than four years now. I'll get a cab and go to a meeting tomorrow. Thanks again.
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