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Postby Dallas » Tue May 26, 2009 1:58 pm

Thanks for sharing to you all!!!
I've been out of town and wasn't able to log-in and I've missed you all.

Feelings! :lol:

They can be so wonderful and they can be so disruptive to my pursuit of happy destiny.

One thing I learned about feelings and me that has helped me most is:

I was running my life E over I. (Emotions over Intellect).

That kept me trapped to allowing my feelings to lead my actions and my actions determine the results in my life.

I learned that I had it backwards and I would have to turn it around if I wanted to make continued progress.

I discovered a different formula and a different way of being. And, I tried it out.

I call it: I over E. Intellect over Emotions.

As my experiences became more desireable I observed that it was my childish nature that had me living with Emotions rather than Intellect guiding my life. And, during one of my discovery days of asking myself simple questions -- one of which is: "What would a mature adult do in this situation Dallas?" Guess what? My answer was that a mature adult would be taking actions based on Intellect over Emotions.

One of my objectives has been to learn how I can experience more happiness, and to make more successes than failures. One of the things that I learned about me was -- when I let my Emotions rather than my Intellect guide my living -- my living-ness consisted of much less happiness and many more failures to achieve the things that I wanted to have more of in my life.

I also learned that one of my greatest problems was: I hadn't grown up. I was still a child inside of an adult body. So, I was acting and doing childish things that were governed by my emotions.

Now, each day, I make efforts to keep moving forward in life with my Intellect over my Emotions and allowing my Intellect to guide my choices, decisions and actions. My results have been... that once in a while I observe that I "Feel and Act" more like an adult in an adult body... when I'm using the I over E formula. And, that's a really good "feeling". :wink:


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Postby Jools » Wed May 27, 2009 8:44 am


Welcome back, we missed you too!!! Where'd you get off to?

I'm not sure that what I was feeling was childish, although, I DO have childish feeling without a doubt. And should I mention childish actions (windshield)? I've become more aware of these the longer I'm sober and the more I work the steps in my daily life. I think a lot of what I was feeling was a result of doing the 4th step and my sponsor kept telling me that but I wasn't buying into it.:;):

I love the i over e thing and I will remember to check that daily!!

Have a great day, Dallas!


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Postby garden variety » Thu May 28, 2009 10:06 am

Heya Bro,

I see some similarities in your formula "I over E" and the "2 questions". In fact I can "plug and chug" my "2 questions" into your equation:

Let "I" = Intellect = Do I want to be master over emotions/feelings?
Let "E" = Emotions = Do I want to be a slave to emotions/feelings?

I would work out this equation the same as you - I over E!

Good stuff! Thanks!

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