System Overloading Me !!

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System Overloading Me !!

Postby Rebos » Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:38 pm

Hi you all,
I was in the program for almost 2 years. When I guess I decided that my addiction had not kicked my ass enough. So I went back out there for some more beating. In my relapse my snow ball got too big. I relocated running from my mess. Now I am back home to face my distruction. I had to do some jail time, and rehab as a condition of my probation. Doing this, I found myself and made it back. The system tells me that I have certain finacial obligations. Then they hold me back from the opportunity to make it happen. It seems they are setting me up for failer.
Sober but frustrated,
Rebos :cry:

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Postby Ranman99 » Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:20 pm

There but for the grace of HP go I rebos. That same HP that sent you the angel will see you through as long as we put one foot in front the other and do the next right thing right in front of us.

I can only say that cuz it is how I dealt with 2009.

I will write my story down and get it on the site one day but I do belive this is about the 8th time I dragged my tail into AA and this time it was surely firmly between my legs.

Great to have you on the site and I've been sharing this site with lots of folks as it really really has played a roll in my 2009 scenario.

Today my wife and kid will be at home tonight when I get there but I honestly can't predict the future I have done an incredible amount of damage. Part of my story is that my wife thought I was sober for 10 years and I wasn't. I was drinking only during business travel. It wasn't until 2007 when I lost a job that I finally came clean and at that time I worked the steps with a sponsor and stayed sober about 3 months. I drank on the very first business trip I took and my sponsor had moved away and I did not replace him. Go figure. Took me another 16 months to get my rear back in a room. It cost me another job. I guess I was lucky cuz it was only by the grace that it did not take my life the last month.

I've lost jobs and drivers licenses and by all rights I could easily have done time but just missed out on that opportunity in 1997 when I had my third DUI two months before my wedding day :cry: We are not saints eh!! :shock: :) :D That one I got lucky the cops and the courts did not have a record of one of my previous convictions so they thought it was only 2. Don't know why don't care it's just part of my trip.

Thanks for your messages. Just what I needed to hear!!

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Postby Dallas » Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:05 am

Sometimes, regardless of whether we're alcholic or not, or if we've had previous problems or not -- life can be downright difficult.

The one difference I've observed in us alcoholics-of-my-type... regardless of how difficult it was to get a drink -- we had a will and a mind -- that found a way to get one. :lol:

And, in sobriety, regardless of how difficult of a time that life puts in front of us at the moment, sober AA's, seem to find a way to deal with it and over come it in a way that most folks would never think of.

What it comes down to, in my own humble opinion, is that most of us -- are nothing less that innovative inventors, true adventurers and explorers, and a real genius, when it comes to solving problems.

Don't let your problems get you down. Take some quiet time to relax and take it easy. Remember, that you've made it this far, dispite all the odds that were stacked against you -- and, that you're a real stepper. You'll find a non-destructive way to succeed, regardless of how much failure potential is stacked against you.

First things first. Life could -- take anything away from you.... other than your sobriety. Only you can give up your sobriety. And, with your sobriety, it may take you longer to solve a problem -- you will not be creating horrendous unsolvable problems -- while solving your problems.

This too shall pass. It will become part of your sober story -- that you'll share, of how, when all the odds were stacked against you -- you stayed sober, and you succeeded. And, your story, will not only benefit you, but it will help countless others, that will face problems smaller or even greater than yours. They can say that "if he did it -- so can I."

You'll be alright.


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