Friday night anxiety.....

Help for alcohol abuse addiction alcoholics who want to stay sober
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Postby KT » Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:27 am

Happy Friday and good morning. I really enjoy the different posts' and words from all of you good people.

Welcome Theresa, I hope we get a chance to become better acquainted.

Congrats to you Gunner, celebrating 21 yrs. How awesome is that !

Love the idea about spiritual guy's crack me up with your sayings and at the same time really make me think about what it takes to stay sober. I'm starting step 8 and 9......and 8 shouldn't be too hard since I can pull alot of those names from my step 4. But to be honest I'm a bit fearful to do step 9. Making amends....I don't get to pick and choose.....I have to be completely open and honest. I know I can do it with God's help. I know I can do it because look at all of the other people who have followed the BB and have succeeded day to day in their sobriety. It's just that I wish I could find a softer easier way....ha...sound familar? I spent some time this week reading in my 12&12 - these people knew what they were talking about. I'll reach out to God and get support from my sponsor and take the plunge. I know that where there is fear there is no faith. I need to keep the faith and I so want to be FREE !

Someone said at a meeting a few weeks ago...."steps 1, 2 & 3, is the warm up", "steps 4-9 is getting all the garbage out", 10, 11 and 12, is maintence".

Guess I'm getting close to the maintence, huh? Well we'll see. I do agree with that gentleman at AA....and I will keep moving forward.

Today I will not I praise the Lord above for all He has done for me and my family. Today I pray for peace and courage and patience to continue my sobriety. And most of all I will LISTEN to God and let him guide me in this better life.

Thank you all for letting me share. God Bless and have a wonderful day.

Love, Kathy

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Postby sober1988 » Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:10 pm

Hello All:

Thank you for the welcomes! I'm glad to be here and glad to be sober today. As far as anxiety goes... I'd rather be anxious sober than drunk. At least I have some tools to get through those rough spots and can usually trace that anxiety back to some form of 'self'. At some point in an acloholic's drinking career, the booze will no longer squelsh that anxiety, so thank God we have this program and the fellowship to help us through the rough spots and to get our focus on the program and the multitude of spiritual tools we have to overcome that anxiety or 'frantic sobriety' as I've heard it called. In the fellowship, Teresa

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