Three States of Being in Alcohol-ism

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Three States of Being in Alcohol-ism

Postby Dallas » Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:30 am

There are Three States of Being in Alcohol-ism:
1. Active Alcohol-ism (Still drinking).
2. Inactive Alcohol-ism (Not drinking).
3. True Sobriety (Living peacefully, comfortably and at ease while not drinking -- "Sober Living Through The AA Way of Life" ).

If you have discovered -- that life appears to be unmanageable while sober, if you feel restless, irritable and/or discontented while not-drinking, chances are that you are probably alcoholic.

If you are alcoholic -- it means you have alcohol-ism.

If you have alcohol-ism, your alcohol-ism in in one of the Three States of Alcohol-ism numbered above.

If you are in the #2 State -- you may be experiencing some symptoms, such as guilt, remorse, depression, feelings of loneliness, feelings of personal inadequacy, fear, resentments, irritability, feelings of uselessness or hopelessness, dissatisfaction and discontented. You may be experiencing one, a few, or all of these symptoms.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, our general experience as alcoholics has shown that our periods of "dry" (in-active alcohol-ism by not drinking) often become short-lived and our sobriety becomes precarious.

There is a solution to this that will help you move into the experience of #3 "True Sobriety"

Please read the book Alcoholics Anonymous, or contact us for further information!

Best wishes!

Dallas B.

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