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Help for alcohol abuse addiction alcoholics who want to stay sober
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Postby Pebbles » Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:38 pm

Hi all-today I have a better understanding of the singleness of purpose of AA. The BB tells me that AA is not a "cure all". If I have outside issues, I need to go to the appropriate people or place to get help for those issues.
I didn't understand that husband and I are both in recovery, and we've both been bull*******g ourselves about it.
Me myself, when I was still in my disease, I was always looking for the easier softer way to feel better. My husband got into recovery before I did, and I tried going to AlAnon. I felt better for awhile, but the power that I needed wasn't there. I didn't want to look at the real problem, me being an alcoholic, and tried getting better a different way-knowing that I wouldn't have to look at the real problem. And so I quit going to Alanon too.
After I finally hit my bottom and quit bull*******g myself, and started going to AA and working the steps with my sponsor, and sponsoring other people, I started feeling better, in leaps and bounds, and got what it was that I needed-because in AA-that is where the power is for me to stay sober and have a good life.
I realized a few days ago--I totally believe that my higher power put people and situations in my life to "help" me come to the realization-that drug addicts cannot possibly recover from their disease, by going to AA alone. If a drug addict asks an alcoholic to be a sponsor-the alcoholic does not have the experience of being a how can the alcoholic give the drug addict any experience, strength and hope concerning drug addiction. The needed power isn't there.
Now, if I am an alcoholic who also was a drug addict and is recovering and there are no NA meetings available in the town where I live-then it is my responsibility to get an NA meeting started--because there are 100's of people who may be dying, because there are no meetings where the power is, for them to go to. Shame on me if I don't do anything about it! Thank you everybody, and especially to my higher power, for being loving and patient. :)

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Acceptance story helped me

Postby Serenity Seeker » Sat Nov 26, 2011 4:02 pm

I am also alcholic-addict. Today most generally I introduce myself as an alcoholic. I had almost reached a year of sobriety, got a resentment from another alcoholic in the rooms, did not want to drink, but thought the idea in my head that the marijauna program could work for me. My sponsor did suggest when I read my BB to also read with the thoughts of this in my head along with alcohol. My excuse of course for picking up was resentment and feeling drained. If they were like this today after so many years of sobriety why would I want it? My sponsor also has taught me that some are sicker than others, and we are to forgive, that is what my HP would want me to do. I can not control others actions. And that the situation was not the AA program as a whole, and what it teaches us... it was simply one person or situation that I was uncomfortable with. And of course it bothered me because this person was on the money with what they said, it was just they directed it very rudly and infront of everybody.

Heres a good one for ya. I told my sponsor I would not drink when she suggested it would lead back to drinking. I told her the person I got it from did not drink!!!! How insane is that? Needless to say... I did drink!!!

To get to the point: For me only, in order to be able to honestly and rigorously begin to work the 12 Steps of AA I had to accept the fact that (my sponsor's words) "any mind-altering chemical"could not be used in order to maintain sobriety. She had me do a Step One worksheet on this alone separate from alcohol. It really made me see how much the direct results and consequences of how it made my life unmanagable.

I had what I like to call a direct spirital experience and sign from my higher power. It is so great I have to share it. I had been hearing alot about acceptance in meetings. I told my sponsor it was easy for me to admit the alcohol addict part, it was accepting it I had issues with. I kept hearing page 417 4th edition in BB. So, life was busy, very beginning sobriety (and I don't have many days) tryin to get back into reading my book and applying the literature to my life and sobriety. My family and I were getting ready for an annual AA picnic and I sat to read it. I thought I am going to read this whole story. Mind you I have read this in the past. I got to page 411, last paragraph: "Today, I find I can't work my A.A. program while taking pills, nor may I even have them around for dire emergencies only. I can't say, "Thy will be done," and take a pill _____" I can't say "I am powerless over alcohol, but solid alcohol is okay." I can't say, "God could restore me to sanity , but until he does, I'll control myself with pills ____" Giving up alcohol alone was not enough for me; I've had to give up all mood and mind-affecting chemicals in order to stay sober and comfortable."

This was like turning a light bulb on in such darkness. So, I had to leave for the speaker meeting. Low and behold on that very day the speaker ended his lead with page 417 on acceptance. I knew then and there God would not want me to use, and sobriety meant all mind altering substances. I love my higher power for using these other members and rooms to provide the answer I was looking for. Simple... but I make simple very complicated. Today through that I am able to accept I am an alcoholic-addict, and the only way to a better life is recreate my life, become reborn as the books says. And the only way to do that is by taking actions in working the 12 Steps, staying in the rooms, and helping others. Trust God, Clean House, Help Others as we say.

So, today, I totally respect the tradidtions of AA. We have the same situation in some of our meetings in this area. I try to make it a point to speak to that newcomer after, to first let them know there are NA meetings, or to find a sponsor that will work with them to apply the steps (outside the rooms) with both issues, and make sure they have an AA pamphlet of Alcohol and other drugs (just learned that from another member). I occasional do speak of drugs in the rooms is if I know there is an addict at the meeting only stating it as "any mind-altering drug". Although after all this and re-reading pg 411 I believe I will refer it to substance.


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Postby Dallas » Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:11 pm

Thanks for your share Kimmie! It was awesome to read it! And, I definitely understand. :wink:


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