Hoping someone is around to help

Help for alcohol abuse addiction alcoholics who want to stay sober
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Hoping someone is around to help

Postby alimac03 » Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:55 pm

I live in Europe so it's quite late here....but I can't get to sleep because I have had a really horrible night :cry:

I got sober just over 6 months ago after being admitted to hospital with liver damage. I was really lucky I survived the damage I had done to myself and over the last 6 months have seen my sobriety as a new lease on life, actually I realise I am actually LIVING life for the first time in years!!

The problem is, my husband still drinks and tonight was a really compounded drunken mess on his part. To cut a long story short....we were meant to have a nice evening out, but he drank far, far too much. And "we" had to leave really early in order that "I" take his drunken arse home. The evening got worse as I hauled him off the bus he had just thrown up on and spent the next 30 minutes trying to get him back to the house :oops:

Anyway, we are home....he is sleeping it off and my whole evening has been ruined by alcohol (not my fault this time.)

Am I allowed to be mad :?: Sobriety isn't easy, especially nearer Christmas time (this is my first Christmas sober) and I feel utterly unsupported.

The only good thing to come out of this is that I can see "first hand" why I will never drink again.

Advice greatly needed and appreciated :(

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Postby Dallas » Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:56 pm

Yep. I'm here. :lol: I guess you're stuck w/ me. :lol:

I understand. My first Christmas sober sucked! Yes, I was grateful to be sober... No, I was not a happy camper. I was a miserable shaking wreck and I had already been sober for about six weeks.

I got lucky and found some AA club houses that were having holiday 24 hr round the clock marathon meetings -- and late at night some of them were having sober dances. (How could anyone dance... sober... especially sober at Christmas time?) :lol:

I've never had a husband and I know that I never will. So, I can't relate to being sober and having a drunken husband puke on a bus. However, once upon a time, after having 5 1/2 months of AA sobriety.... I was down in Mexico sipping w/ a girlfriend and she was puking on the beach. I laughed as I said "You see Marie? That's why I don't drink anymore!" (And, all along that night I had been delusional about me being sober... I had been buying Marie drinks, I'd sip on them and think I was sober because it was HER drink!) :lol: That worked out well for me until the sun came up and I headed out of the hotel at day light to wake up a Mexican bartender to make Marie six extra tall "Mexican Coffees" for when she woke up! (Mexican coffee = Kaluaha, tequila, coffee, whipped cream & nutmeg on top). When she woke up she told me she didn't like coffee. :lol: :lol: So, I had to sip 'em down for her. :wink: At breakfast, I was able to convince her that a shot of tequila would make her feel better after the night before... and it did. And, I still ordered her another Mexican Coffee to go w/ her breakfast... which I could sip on, but I'd still be sober because "it was HER's and NOT mine!) :lol:

We alcoholics seem to do some baffling, cunning, strange and weird things... but somehow, we seem to buck up and have some kind of fun out of it. :wink: Or... maybe it's just... we know what the bottom of hell is really like, and we've learned to try to have fun in our pain & suffering as we lie to ourselves and keep saying "Well... this ain't so bad, after all, Ma! I've definitely seen worse! But, at least the wind has stopped blowing!"

Then... we land our butts in AA, and run around trying to help each other, and I'll be danged if it doesn't end up keeping us sober! And, a few Christmases down the road, if we stay sober... we're sitting in a meeting talking about puking and cleaning up puke and laughing about it. We don't often laugh about it when it's going on -- but it's when we stay sober and look back on it, that we get to laugh at those tragic moments.

Outsiders look at us like we're nuts (well... I guess we are) as we try to put a cheerful spin and laugh about our past miseries. But, why shouldn't we laugh? We know first hand what it's like to be suffering in the hell of life... yet we survived.

My heart & thoughts are w/ you -- in the Fellowship of the Spirit, even though my body can't be there to listen or to sip coffee w/ you. But, yes... I'm here for you. And, I thank you for being here for me, too.

Hmmmmmm....... Just trying to figure out what thing of value that I could say that would help to make your night a little bit better. Sorry, if I come up empty handed. But, I do care about you. Your sharing your problem has helped me. And, I hope that I've at least said something that might help. The one thing that ALWAYS helped me was when someone would say to me "Keep Coming Back -- Sober! You'll be glad that you did!" So, I pass that on to you as well and I hope that it helps you as much as it has helped me.

Best wishes for now, for the Holidays, and for your sober adventures in the future!


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Postby Toast » Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:39 pm

Hi Alimac,

Glad you got that off your chest, dont suppose us staying sober in Europe will be any different than folks staying sober anywhere else. 8)

My wife has a bottle of wine now and again at home but its seperate beds after that, i cant stand the smell of the stuff and its no longer my problem so why should i put myself in a position to be annoyed! :)

This drinking game truely is all in the mind. At my 1st festive season i planned a party in my head, full of wisdom at 10 weeks sober i bought in the alcohol free beer n stuff but never drank it. Come my 1st new year i got over that as well without a drink but a day later i was made an offer didnt have the power inside me to refuse and i took a drink and boy did it just about kill me! :oops:

So i ran back to AA the next with my tail between my legs and i've been here ever since and thats a good few years now. I didnt come back to stop drinking, i came back to stay alive. Stopping drinkings just one of the many things i have to do to make that happen. 8)

Love,light,life :lol:

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