Are you an Alcoholic -- Addict?

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Are you an Alcoholic -- Addict?

Postby Dallas » Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:05 pm

Unfortunately, newcomers into AA can really take a beating in some meetings -- if they've had a background of "using drugs", they may feel so unwelcome, that they have to proceed with referring to "drugs" as an "outside issue." Or, some AA purist old-timer will jump all over them. :-)

Pretending to be an "outside observer" looking in to a meeting while it's going on, I'd have to laugh. Of course, the newcomer doesn't think it's funny -- nor, does the purist oldtimer.

I think what the real deal is: it's simply a lack of understanding. The old-timer is afraid that the newcomer "alcoholic-addict" will mess things up, according to "how the old-timer understands it." And, then, again, too -- it depends upon the situation. There have been many times when the alcoholic-addict, is really a heroin addict, or some other drug addict, and they spend a lot of time in a meeting talking about shooting snorting or smoking dope -- with very little talk about their alcohol-ism. So, there is a fear -- on both sides of the room.

A lack of understanding and fear, is what I see as the root of the problem and why it goes on. And, if there is more focus on "recovery" in a meeting, and less focus on "behaviors of alcoholism and addiction" -- the problems aren't going to come up. I mean -- if you're there for the PURPOSE of RECOVERY... simply talk about recovery.

For the AA purist -- it would help if they broadened their perception of what an alcoholic is, what a drug addict is, and what someone means when they say "I'm an alcoholic-addict." It has more similarities than differences.

You see -- according to the definitions of "alcoholic" and "addict" they are very much the same thing. How could you be an alcoholic, and not be addicted to the "drug" alcohol? And, how could you be an drug addict -- that's addicted to drugs, and not consider the drug alcohol -- as just another drug?

Probably -- a lot of confusion is over the "perception" and "understanding" about the real difference (in thought at least) that the alcoholic has a specific type of condition -- where their body does not metabolize alcohol -- like a non-alcoholic body metabolizes alcohol.

And, the surest way that I've found to be wrong about anything is: to become so convinced that "my perception" and "my understanding" is the only real and true one. :-)

Let's focus on recovery. Scientific and academic theories and definitions will sometimes change as fast as the direction of the wind. But, we know one thing -- that doesn't change. Recovery principles do not change. The solution always works for those who work the solution. And, alcohol-ism and addiction is always a natural result of practicing addiction principles.

It's better to know more about "The Solution" than it is to know more about "The Problem." Get out of the problem. Surrender to the debate. Live and let live, with love and tolerance. Be of service, and sincerely TRY to help others -- and in so doing, we will actually be helping our selves.

Dallas B.

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Re: Are you an Alcoholic -- Addict?

Postby Ranman99 » Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:14 am

Hmmm. Been a long time since I've posted so here we go.

I know that I am clean and sober over 1222 days by the grace of God as I understand him, her or it.

I know from very young when I drank there was a strange physical aspect that made it difficult for me to find the right number of drinks. It was always more than two and less than some number that I could not guage always :lol: .

So the physical aspect was always there and my experience and it was all about progression and the rest of the description given in our book from the get go.

As for drugs and every other pleasurable thing I also abused or became addicted. Some how through grace I managed to be drug free for a number of years before I sobered up so I just count that as a blessing as I know there were no guarantees that that would happen.

So today I am glad to be able to state that I am 100% clean and sober since my sobriety date in AA and today that is very important to me :roll:

As for the whole deal I just share my experience with the folks I'm sharing with. God always puts the right folks in front of me when it comes time to do that. I don't need to do anything but share honestly my experience.

When in an AA meeting I qualify simply as an alcoholic simply because I do not need to have any differentiator in the meeting. I'm just that 8) I was centre of the universe for far to long and my shoulders are tired from holding up planet Earth.

Thanks for letting me share!!!

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