What a Gift!

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What a Gift!

Postby garden variety » Thu Aug 24, 2006 3:38 am

I wanted to share a moment of my 24 hours, just to let you all know that the gift of Sobriety is alive and well.

Friday is my payday. Today I dont have a nickel in my pocket, and that is no lie. Sometimes you know it gets lean. but I know that the God of my understanding will take care of my needs, so I wasn't worried, upset, or nothing. Then I get the call.

On the other end is a Latino lady who just moved here a month ago from New York. She's got a couple pretty bad disabilities, and she's got 3 teenage girls. She's been coming to our home group since shes been in town. Shes a sweetheart of a gal that has about 10 years worth of 24 hours, and you can tell she really struggles with pain and disappointments, but she has a strong relationship with her God anyhow. Now when a lady AA calls me, I know somethings wrong. I say hi to her and recognize her voice.

I ask her how she's doing. She tells me good and not so good. Then she says, you said to call if I needed help with anything. I'm totally out of money today, and my girls are hungry. My jaw drops cause I met her girls, 3 tall pretty teens, and I realize this woman who has been doing the next right thing for the last 10 years can't feed her daughters tonight. This is like I got stung by a bee between the eyes. She goes on to tell me that her mom is sending her some money, but the family member won't be able to get to her until midnight. And she can't stand to watch her girls this hungry. Could I help her get some food...not asking me for a few bucks, but can I get some food for her girls? I know I can't help her. I'm driving and I have to get off the phone, so I tell her I'll call her back in an hour.

I found myself crying, and I'm going on thinking about what that woman must have felt like asking for help feeding her girlls. Then I prayed. Then I called the first person God put on my mind which is one of my sponsees with about a year and a half. He drives and delivers pizza. But this is the guy who is "making progress" and not perfection. He hasn't gotten over himself yet (so I think). And he's got more excuses than anyone I know of. But I call and leave a message...hadn't talked to him in a week.

He calls back in 5 minutes and its his night off. I just tell him there is a lady AA with 3 hungry girls who needs help. I don't get paid until Friday. Can he do something to help with the Pizza place? Sure he says, I'll be glad to. He calls in an order for 3 pizzas, and charges them to his wages tomorrow. I go and pick up the pizzas and deliver them to a woman who was grateful, and I see smiles on the girls faces.

Those smiles were there because this kid I never thought could stop being selfish for a minute, just up and hit a home run when he was called to go to bat for AA. This is a kid who hated blacks, puerto ricans any person of color. He was addicted to that "rock form" of alcohol, and a relapser that it took 10 years to finally get his 1st year. Here he is some 15 months sober reaching into his own pockets from tomorrows earnings, not even knowing if he'd make more than he spent, and feeding a family he would have just as soon spit on a year or so earlier. He did it with a smile and a pure heart, and no hesitation. No more prejudice, no more whining and complaining...just a simple "Sure boss, I'll be glad to help."

What a transformation that happened before my eyes! What a gift of Sobriety. I don't know if I ever been as proud of a man as I was this kid. I couldn't do it, but WE can.

"WE admitted WE were powerless..."

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Postby anniemac » Thu Aug 24, 2006 8:23 pm

Oh my goodness, I am crying after reading your post ~ tears of joy and gratitude to be part of a world and a fellowship with such beautiful people. I just love stories like this. Thank you for sharing.

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