Football games

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Football games

Postby kjeank » Thu Oct 12, 2006 5:47 am

I was looking for the UCLA guy, but I couldn't find him. I wanted to let him know that our rivalry helps me.
Anyway, I am going to send this small little piece of advice out to others. It is small, because I am struggling. However, I am a USC Trojan and I love watching my team. I have vowed that this year I will watch them sober. I have succeded in that small vow, so far (5 games). It works..for me. I am still working on ways to stay sober otherwise..... but this small committment has worked for me on Saturdays....which is hugh.
And UCLA guy, if you are out there, THANKS. Seeing your post several months ago, helped me. But you will have to torture me before I will ever admit that an UCLA helped me!! :P

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Postby Gretchen » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:31 pm

Kjeank, if football helped me, I wouldn't care which team won! I had little tricks too. The first one was to find a way home without looking at a store that carried beer. After a couple of weeks, it got easier.... but I'm still convinced my car kept trying to find a way to mess with me! Another trick was to look for "positives" instead of "negatives". For instance, thinking of being sober rather than not drinking. That "not" word just irritated the hell out of me!

If I get hungry, angry, tired -- generally "pissed" about something, I know I need other AA people with me -- either at a meeting or just calling somebody. It's a miracle, today I am happy, I'm sober, and football doesn't even seem to bother me! (Hubbie's been hogging the TV watching sports for the past 2 weeks and it would have irritated me not that long ago.)

So keep those little tricks in play and find any you can right now -- and good luck! Take it easy, but take it! :lol:

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Postby anniemac » Thu Oct 12, 2006 2:20 pm

Hi Kjean ~

I'm from the 'whatever works' school of thought, and I'm glad you've found an incentive. When I was just starting out, I used my anger to propell me forward in my husband still drank, we were not getting along, and I swore I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing me pick up a drink. It worked for as long as I needed it to, until I was able to shift my focus, as Gretchen said, to wanting to be sober.

Hang in there, it does get better.


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sober sport watching

Postby musicmode » Wed Oct 18, 2006 7:45 pm

Hey's Anne, I'm a grateful recovering alcoholic,

Ya'll can git thru it sober...remember the plays, the players,& perhaps recall the score at the end of the game :lol:

This share took me back to when I's 'bout 2 months into the program...fin'lly gettin' my "land-legs" back so-to-speak. After the meetings where I first come in, some-a the group would go to a local hang-out where they had a big screen. Things was still on the "foggy-side" for me...I swear I had a headache after I stopped drinkin' for nearly 3 months, it just hurt all the time (maaa-ay-beee-cuz B4 then, I drank all the time??? Naa-aah, no connection there a'tall :roll: ). Any-who, we gets down to the hang-out, &--I realized that (the sport-a choice on this end is hockey)...I remembered I used to watch the game&liked it, & the team was my team-a choice...only thing was...I had no clue as to who the players were, all the one's I'd known had been traded off to other teams. Thing is, I'm watchin', & I see my team jersey's, I hear the announcer sayin' the team name, only he's sayin' names I'd never heard before, 'cept for 2 of 'em. So, we'd be watchin', &--just like I'd woke up after bein' asleep--for a couple-a years...I'd say, where's so&so? One-a the guys would say. I'd say, well how long's he been gone? They'd's like I'd been outta the country (or--let's put this into AA jargon...outta the universe?? :oops: ). Some-a them player's hadn't been on "my team" for only the season...but some-a them had been gone for, indeed, a couple-a years :oops: . One-a the guys "lovingly" razzed...that's what happens when ya drink yirself into oblivion-you stop, but the world keeps spinnin', like it 'er not. Well then, I did get thinkin' 'bout football...but Doug Flutie's still w/ Calgary right? They let me hang on that for a few seconds B4 fin'lly&slowly shakin' their this point he had one more year left w/ Toronto, then was headin' to NFL. I'm like...what :!: ...Not that there's anythin' wrong w/ Flutie goin' state-side--that was just another example-a how much I much I "left behind" to just drink. No news flash there I s'pose :roll: . Gotta run kids. Take it easy,

Anne 8)

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