Alcohol in Food AFTER Cooking

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Postby garden variety » Sun Dec 02, 2007 2:28 pm

This is an issue that I keep getting reminders about. I went to dinner with a buddy who has about the same amount of time sober as me. We went to a rfamily restaurant that AA's have made it the booming business it is today. He ordered "Chicken Galiano".

I read the menu and it was cooked in "Lemon Wine Sauce". I mentioned to him "You know this is cooked in wine?" You know what the response was. All the alcoholc gets cooked out. I just told him that's not true according to the research I saw (what I posted).

He wasn't worried about that form of alcohol.

I am. The more thoroughly I follow this path, the more that really does "constantly get disclosed" to me.

I think I understand why I hear the saying "the road get's narrower".

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