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Vickie V
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hardly ever speechless

Postby Vickie V » Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:15 am

I am hardly ever speechless yet today after reading these posts I am speechless on this topic (not all the way) Yet almost speechless. :lol:

You gave me HUGE awareness today and I thank each of you.

I need to get honest and recommit to paying attention in a better way what I put into my body as it relates to alcohol.

Of course , I do not go near " NA beer, Non alcoholic wines, NA thanks giving apple ciders, liquor bottles,bars, beer cans etc.. I dont even order food labeled "alcohol cooked out" not because I thought it wasn't cooked out but because I don't test my sobriety on any level.

There are way too many restuarants,food on menus, items to drink. Why bother - I never found it necessary.

However I believe I have gotten lasy with mouthwash and I have vanilla in my cubbards and I definitley need to recommit to be aware of the items sold in a supermarket or resturaunst that may have alcohol in them.
thanks again to all of you members of alcoholics anonymous.

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Postby GeoffS » Sun Nov 18, 2007 3:50 pm

Interesting discussion. I remember the alcohol in food debate was one I had in early sobriety. Cooking is a passion of mine, and back then hey I'd just re-discovered eating!

However I am powerless over alcohol. That is 'alcohol' not wine, beer, vodka etc stuff you're meant to drink in nice bottles, casks or kegs. But alcohol, in mouthwash, vanilla, aftershave etc etc.

Alcohol in all it's forms.

Today I am lucky I have the choice not to engage alcohol in any form, it is a risk not worth taking, and a gamble that would not pay off for me.

If you believe you won't be affected by alcohol in it's other forms, then happy hunting I wish you luck. Your choice.

I know how I need to stay safe, and I look out for me.

This disease is cunning and baffling and will try to get us in many sneaky ways. However we have been shown the actions to prevent that happening for today. They work.

As an older member around here is fond of saying "Stay aware, friends."

and as a PS, use fresh vanilla pods, they don't contain any alcohol!!!!

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Postby Dallas » Sun Nov 18, 2007 3:55 pm

Thanks for your sharing, Geoff!!

I was "editing and trying to clean up" my message above your when you posted! Had I waited long enough... I could have just read your message and wouldn't have felt compelled to write anything! :lol:

Timing. :lol: "By seconds and inches I either always make it or break it!"

Good to hear from you.


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Postby DebbieV » Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:17 pm

Geoff Wrote:
However I am powerless over alcohol. That is 'alcohol' not wine, beer, vodka etc stuff you're meant to drink in nice bottles, casks or kegs. But alcohol, in mouthwash, vanilla, aftershave etc etc.

Alcohol in all it's forms.

That sums it up for me.....Thanks Geoff


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Postby Dallas » Sun Nov 18, 2007 5:14 pm

Geoff, I’m glad you mentioned the Vanilla pod. I hadn’t thought of that one and it sounds more flavorful and healthy than vanilla extract.

Kind of reminds me of a sentence in “A Vision For Youâ€

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Postby GeoffS » Mon Nov 19, 2007 3:25 am

Dallas wrote:Geoff, I’m glad you mentioned the Vanilla pod. I hadn’t thought of that one and it sounds more flavorful and healthy than vanilla extract.

Sure is, they are from the plants where the vanilla comes from. Like everything from religion to the big book. It's all clear until people start mucking about with it!

"Vinegar and water as a muscle relaxant."

Never tried that one, might just work.

I am aware of many homeopathic remedies that work, you'd be amazed at some of the's milk, hawk, ground up snake etc.

But then again as it says somewhere we need to go to any lengths...


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Caution about Alcohol content in food consumed by alcoholics

Postby Danni » Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:55 am

After attending my very first A.A. meeting a lady sat down with me and read and explained the Doctor's Opinion to me in the Big Book.

She pointed out matter-of-factly to me A.A.'s views on using alcohol.

She is a lady who had been a sober member of A.A. for 41 years, at that time. She told me that if I use alcohol in any form at all that I would no longer be considered a sober member of A.A. until I changed my sobriety date and stopped using the alcohol. She also cautioned about using certain perfumes and hairsprays because of their high alcohol content.

In my home group, sobriety means not using anything that would effect me from the neck up.

My father is a non-alcoholic physician. He told me that there is no legitimate medical purpose for alcohol. He said the alcohol in over-the-counter medications is unnecessary and that it is supposed to be used primarily as a delivery agent. He cautioned me that if I ever saw a physician for any reason that I should advise them that I am alcoholic. He had a medical card made for me that I carry in my purse and it states that I am allergic to alcohol. He explained to me that the alcohol by volume in over-the-counter medications is often a higher percentage than the alcoholic content allowed by law in some alcoholic beverages. He has had patients who became addicted to the alcohol in over-the-counter medicines.

The girls in the treatment center where I used to have an A.A. panel told me of cocktails that they would make by mixing Nyquil and some other over-the-counter cold medication and they said the effect is the equivalent of shooting up heroin. The treatment centers would not allow the girls to have any hairspray, shampoo, or any other toiletries that contain alcohol. Some of those young girls have been known to filter those items to consume the alcohol in them.

It is mind-boggling to me that anyone would think that it is okay for an A.A. member to consume any amount of alcohol in any way. I have never known one single A.A. member who thought that it was okay to consume any alcohol.

We have always reminded each other to read labels and to ask in restaurants and specifically tell our waiters that we are allergic to alcohol so that they will be sure to not serve us food prepared with alcohol in the recipe or in the method to cook the food. A waiter once told me that any food that was flaming when served is cooked in alcohol and this is what causes the flames.

In California, there is a grass-roots effort to introduce legislation to make it a law that restaurants using alcohol in food must clearly advise their customers.

This discussion reminds me of the ad infinitum list of all the things we tried in our attempts to control and enjoy using alcohol. It says the list could go on ad infinitum. This is in Chapter 3, More About Alcoholism, BB, if anyone is interested in reading it.

I hope that I have not hurt anyones feelings by sharing. It is not my intention to take anyone's inventory other than my own. I would never intentionally hurt anyone. I am simply sharing my personal experience.

Love & hugs to you all


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Postby Dallas » Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:39 am

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol -- that our lives had become unmanageable."

"These allergic types can never safely use alcohol in any form at all..."
Big Book, Page xxvi Doctor's Opinion, 3rd. Edition

"If you are as seriously alcoholic as we were, we believe there is no middle-of-the-road solution."
Big Book, Page 25

"The alcoholic may say to himself in the most casual way, “It won’t burn me this time, so here’s how!â€
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garden variety
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Postby garden variety » Tue Nov 20, 2007 2:50 pm

I have seen what alcohol in other forms can do to folks. In fact it's one of the things that brought me to the "jumping off point".

I have a nephew who is also alcoholic. We travelled to a certain Reservation at the beginning of the month many years ago. That's where some of our relatives live. That's where we found his mom and her boyfriend. Totally oblivious to life, drooling and bobbing in the back seat of a car with slobber stretching from their tounges to their laps, with their eyes showing only the whites. Totally incoherent.

It was the first of the month in a reservation border town and long lines of native people were formed in the middle of the day at the 2-3 establishments not within reservation boundaries that sell alcohol. My brother tells me what happens when the stores run out of booze at the first of the month. The people start buying mouthwash and hairspray. They mix the hairspray in a bucket of water and drink it. I know what it's like to watch loved ones drink hairspray from a dirty, rusty bucket of water in the 90 degree heat on a summer afternoon.

Thoughts of drinking mouthwash, vanilla, or hairspray are far from my mind, but drinking alcohol in those forms are YET's for this alcoholic. A YET is what I was taught means "You're Entitled To" if I go back out drinking. I know where drinking any form of alcohol will lead. It's a peculiar sight to be driving along a state highway and see bodies lying in the ravine because they were so drunk they passed out on the 20-30 mile walk to the next liquor store. They walk because they've lost everything to get them around except their legs.

You think I'm exaagerating? Ask any fullblood or mixed-blood that's spent any time living on the reservation about these things I'm telling you.

If I have any point to make, it's that I don't have to live that way any more. If I see another alcoholic struggling, I offer them my hand. I don't judge the motives of another human being - that's God's job. But you will never hear me say that "some forms" of alcohol are safe for me to consume. I might have, or might not have consumed alcohol in some form without being aware.

But today I stand guard. I have a responsibility.

I have a severe reaction to the chemical "Monosodium Glutamate" (MSG) which is a flavor enhancing agent used in most foods. I get migraines that disable me for 2-3 days, and I take a prescription drug called Imitrex which has disabling side effects - but they are not as bad as the headaches. The FDA has determined that MSG is safe in the quantities that it is used in processed foods - like beef jerky you buy at the gas station. Maybe it's safe for you and a million others, but for me it means lost time and wages, prescription drug side effects with a 50-dollar co-pay, and a painful and miserable half-week. That happens when I eat ANY AMOUNT of MSG. It happens even if I don't know the food has the chemical. And no, it is not always disclosed on the label.

The same thing happens to me when I eat chocolate in ANY AMOUNT. I mean just 2-3 choclate chips in a Chips Ahoy cookie will do the same thing to me as MSG.

So it is no stretch of my imagination that any amount of alcohol in any form will have the same devastating effect and consequences on me. I posted the cooking with alcohol article for that reason - the reason Dallas talked about. I know folks who have 25 years of continuous sobriety who eat pastries containing alcohol they falsely believe has been cooked out. They haven't gone back to drinking. Just like the longtimer that was described in this thread to drink a NA beer once a month at card games who hasn't gone back out drinking.

For me that is Russian Roulette and a game I'm not willing to play. I will be diligent and find out if a restaurant uses alcohol in cooking the same way I ask about MSG. But I only speak for myself. And I don't judge any of you if you don't do the same. But once again, I wouldn't dare suggest to a new man or woman that some forms or uses of alcohol are safe.

Last night I did some grocery shopping which means I did a lot of label reading. It takes me longer to buy groceries because of this. It's inconvenient, and it's pretty thoughtless that corporations would mingle so many different forms of poisons in the foods that are sold. But I accept this. It won't go away if I ignore it - I will get sick. I will pay the price. If it has alcohol in a food product, I could die and I won't even dispute that fact. It's the truth.

I came across a display of "Sparkling Juices" that were non-alcoholic. But they were in champagne bottles colored dark green, with foil wrappers, and plastic corks. I'm guessing these little "props" are designed for alcoholics who feel like they are "missing something" because they can no longer drink. For me, if I were to pick up one of those "Sparkling Juices" and drink it in a wine glass with my cheese and crackers, I would be living and acting out the same disease of alcoholism. What on earth would motivate me to be a "wannabe" alcohol drinker using "Sparkling Juices". If I bought that whole concept of "non-alcoholic" drinking of products that have the same appearence as alcohol, even though there isn't any alcohol in them, who would I be fooling?

I would be dangerously close to going back out if the thought of alcohol substitutes are appealing to me. I don't need or want to drink "Sparkling Juices" that are 100% alcohol-free or "NA Beer" which is not alcohol-free. I have no desire whatever to use vanilla in my pancakes or cookies unless it's a pod like Geoff said. I don't need the form of Nyquil that has alcohol when they make "Dayquil" or some other cold medicine that doesn't have alcohol as an ingredient.

I have no effective mental defense against the first drink. Why on earth would I need to try and come up with a defense for products that contain alcohol? I just find out what they are and avoid them - plain and simple. It's not rocket science or debate club. It really is not that hard to avoid consuming alcohol in any form - not nearly as hard as avoiding MSG or chocolate. If I can avoid MSG, I can avoid alcohol, and my life will not be anything less meaningful or happy.

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entire abstinence

Postby Dallas » Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:14 am

page xxvii Doctors Opinion:

"The only relief we have to suggest is entire abstinence.

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