This just in..alcohol in other the dentists office

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This just in..alcohol in other the dentists office

Postby garden variety » Fri Nov 30, 2007 9:47 am

I wanted to mention this because it's one of those things that can creep up on an alcoholic who doesn't have a defense against the first drink.

This might be a sore subject, but it came about as the result of what I'll call the ability to think clearly as a result of the recovery program. Yesterday I had a thought (all of my own, mind you) and I followed up with an action. And I narrowly avoided a run-in with alcohol. A real close call.

I was getting my teeth cleaned. My teeth were a bit cruddier then just a regular cleaning would work with, but not bad enough to be under anesthetics. The hygenist put together a "treatment plan" of procedures and times and dates and so forth.

I went in to get phase one of this "debriement" process. This was a different hygenist than the one who wrote up the treatment plan. She was going over my chart and asked me if I was allergic to any form of medication - she used the words "any form". I said no, but I began thinking - that thing you told me to never do a little while ago. I think it was because she said "any form" and my mind intuitively went in that direction.

I remembered the allergic migraine reaction to MSG and chocolate. Then "suddenly the thought crossed my mind." I'M ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL! She then says you're not allergic to latex are you?


She immediately stopped writing and set down her pad and disappeared. She came back and said "I can't give you the prescription wash that Claudia wants to give you (Claudia was the other hygenist). It's 40% alcohol. I'll write down a non-alcoholic OTC brand for you to use daily instead." Then she tells me the brand and writes it down.

She opens my mouth and sticks in that little mirror. Then she takes it out and disappears again. She comes back and says "I can't use the antibiotics Cladia was going to use in the debriement, they have an 11% alcohol content."

Holy crap - I was that close to getting alcohol poured down my mouth!

I said to her that's because I'm an alcoholic.

She doesn't flinch and sets the chart down. "I know". This hygenist actually took the time to read that I checked off being alcoholic on the intake form. She was on the ball enough to know that the other hygenist prescribed a treatment that was a threat to my sobriety, so she was thorough before she got started.

Thinking - actions - Power

That wasn't confined to just my mind or imagination, that was life throwing a curve.

Thank you AA for the ability to think clearly!

I say this again like the chief on Hill Street Blues:

"Let's be careful out there."

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Postby LisaG » Sat Dec 01, 2007 12:16 am

maybe after you get a little more time you wont be tempted to swallow it. if you are in your first year and you thought you would be tempted to swallow it it is good you told them you have a drinking problem. your right you got to be careful. were you really on that tv show? i like that show.

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Postby garden variety » Sun Dec 02, 2007 2:14 pm

Thank you Lisa, you helped me today. I'll try to stay away from mouth washes or rinses that have alcohol in them so they won't be a problem. I'm very very glad they have non-alcoholic mouthwashes available in stores.

No I was never on that show, but I sure did love it too. I think it was supposed to be made in Pittsburgh which is why it got the name "Hill Street".

God bless

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