New Years Eve Celebration?

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New Years Eve Celebration?

Postby garden variety » Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:38 am

Hi all -

I'm just gonna throw this out here in case somebody new is bored or worried about picking up again when New Years Eve comes around.

Originally I was planning to ask a lady friend in the fellowship to a concert in Cleveland - the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I really love their versions of traditional Christmas music. But I chickened out and didn't ask. Guess I'm not ready (as my daughter taught me).

So instead I will be helping a "club" in Euclid Ohio with an AA New Years Eve dance and breakfast afterward. It's called "Night and Day Club". It was one of the "ideas" I had before the "asking the lady out" idea crossed my mind (here's an irony - my daughter told me to go ahead and ask the lady out). I also ran it past my sponsor and it turned out that he did the very same thing at the very same club early in his sobriety.

I helped out a couple groups that had a New Years Eve dance early in my sobriety, too. I wasn't the most pleasant fellow to be around, so they assigned me to be the ticket collector and "bouncer". They told me not to let anyone without a ticket in - if they wanted in without the dinner it was $5 bucks take it or leave it. They also told me to keep the guy who was running the raffle honest.

It was the first New Years Eve after I came out of the fog (probably about 4 years sober), but my life was still a mess. I knew I didn't want to drink, but I also didn't want to be alone. They could see by the look on my face exactly where I was in sobriety and they gave me jobs at the dance that fit me perfect, but they also gave me a chance to grow and get used to people again.

Boy that was a great experience. I met this fellow with 25 years who I now talk to regular, and he was wearing a tuxedo. I couldn't believe that all these folks could have such a good time sober. It made a great impression, and I found that by helping the groups, I actually felt "happy" and had fun. I smiled more than once that night. And me and the raffle guy collected over $500 bucks and didn't steal a cent!

So this year I'll go back to give back. But I also know this year that it will be loads of fun. I also plan on wearing a tie and jacket, and of course a smile on my face. I probably won't get the bouncer job this year - I just don't have that meanness in me anymore.

Anyway, maybe you all can share what you're gonna be doing on this night when folks traditionally get plowed, or as we alkies sometimes call it "Ametuer Night".

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Postby Dallas » Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:28 am

Hey Paul,

Thanks for sharing the experience, questions and great ideas!

Maybe the lady-friend would like to help you with the New Year's dance event? When I was about 5 years sober -- I met the love of my life and the biggest heartbreak of my life at a 12 Step dance! It was like living in Paradise while it lasted -- and a few short months later, it nearly killed me when it ended! But, it was well worth the experience, strength and hope that I gained from it! :lol: :lol:

That was back in the days when I lived in a large city. In the small city that I live in now, I've helped organize and put on a few New Years and holiday dances, but the results were nothing like a large city dance. It's difficult to get people to party in this town -- sober. :lol:

I would consider taking a drive to Tulsa, or Northwest Arkansas or Little Rock, for a nice sober dance or event, which they will have, but... I've had some major back problems going on for the past week so I'll have to opt for something that requires less mobility this year. (I guess I could rent a wheel chair and do some real rock-and-roll in that!) And, I have two regular meeting commitments on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Since New Year's Eve, this year comes on a Monday, and Monday night is a regular meeting night for me that one of my guys sponsors -- I'll be in a meeting from 8 pm till 9 pm. (They only do one-hour meetings here). And, New Year's day, in the evening is on a Tuesday -- so on Tuesday, I'll be speaking on Step Six, at my regular Tuesday night meeting. I'm hoping that the little club here will have Marathon meetings going on and if they do, that's where I'll be for this New Year's festivities.

Dahlgren has inquired if we could have a New Year's Chat on this site -- which is a great idea -- and I wish we were equipped to pull it off. Maybe, next year we can.

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy, Sober, Safe and Sane New Year's Weekend!


garden variety
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Postby garden variety » Fri Dec 28, 2007 11:45 am

Well there you go again with those similar experiences. I can also identify with meeting the love of my life on New Years Eve. That's exactly what happened last year. Well except it didn't last 5 years like yours. If it did it probably would have been just as heartbreaking when it ended.

I made plans to go to an AA dance with a lady friend in the fellowship on New Years Eve. I called her from a bookstore that day and found out she had gone back out drinking. She was drunk and planning to "Spic and Span" her kitchen that night...never mind going out with me.

While I was talking to the one girl I was supposed to go out with that night who was drunk on my cell phone, my recent ex-girlfriend (the grammar teacher) was flirting with me at the bookstore. We had coffee that day and got to know each other better. I walked her to her car and she gave me a "New Years" kiss - boy I won't foget last New Years Eve!

We had a couple dates, then comitted ourselves to a relationship about a month and a half later. It really was the best relationship I ever was in, and she really was the love of my life, too. But it ended last month.

So I really don't know if I'm "ready" to actually "plan" on hooking up with a date on New Years Eve this year. The crazy way things went last year, it won't surprise me if something interesting does happen, or I find someone that I wasn't expecting to find. That's what I love about "Grace" - certain wonderful things just happen to show up when I least expect them. I really love finding things that way- especially those kind of surprises.

So I will definitely "suit up and show up", maybe spray a little bit of that sweet smelling stuff by Armani on my shirt. Then, my brother, I'll jump into "action" with a smile on my face. Of course the "action" will be helping other alcoholics, but maybe some unexpected actions will become needed.

You know there was a time in my life when I drank, I used to only wish I could be the man I am today, and do the things I do today, and really REALLY enjoy life - with a smile on my face of all things. What an irony - sobriety made me the man I always wanted to be when I was drinking.

All I did today that was different then when I drank is say a prayer, not pick up a drink, and help another alcoholic. That really isn't a lot of work to make your dreams come true, now is it?

Have good safe sober fun my friends and may God always bless you.


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New Years Euphoric Kisses

Postby Dallas » Fri Dec 28, 2007 6:43 pm

Paul wrote:Well except it didn't last 5 years like yours.

Oops! I guess I better check my wording above... I was sober about 5 years at the time... the relationship only lasted about six months.... :lol:

Paul, I hope that this New Year you meet that One ... who will make you forget about all the other ones. And, that you find in that One all that your heart desires. :wink:

Wouldn't it be nice to get one of those really special New Year's euphoric kisses that would literally make your toes curl up in your boots? One that was so good -- that you end up going home feeling guilty because it was so good? :lol: One -- that kept you up all night thinking about yourself -- asking yourself questions like "Gees, it it okay to feel this good and stay sober? Should I call my sponsor? Did I do the right thing? Did I do what I was supposed to do? Or, did I really screw up big time? Did I say the right thing? Did I do the right thing? Oh man!!! What am I going to do? Am I in trouble or what? Hey God!!! Don't be too far away -- I think I'm going to need you! Is this New Years or April Fools? Yada yada yada yada yada...." And, all it was -- was a kiss! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Happy New Year!


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Postby garden variety » Sun Dec 30, 2007 3:29 pm

You and this action business! Look what you started me doing!

So now I have an extra ticket to this New Years dance that I now HAVE TO find someone to give it to (more ACTION). I have a new "AA buddy" that really wanted me to go hear his message first thing this Sunday morning - Don't you guys know I have a home group that meets Sunday evenings? Aren't we taking this AA thing a little too seriously? Some folks like to sleep in on Sundays, ya know!

Then my new "buddy" asks me if I'm doing anything at midnight some Saturday in March to speak to this bunch of lunatic drunks that like midnight meetings in Euclid Ohio.

Oh that darn Dallas bird "Action, Action, and more Action!" When is he ever gonna shut up!

Thanks a lot BIG BROTHER! :x Action SHA-MACTION!!! I got actions coming out of my ears there's so many of them! Interupting sleep and all that nonsense. I'll tell ya what to do with it!!!

Keep on reminding me :wink:

I mean after all, if it wasn't for "actions", I wouldn't have any of those "personal adventures before and after" to entertain you guys with.

God bless and keep on working!


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My name is Anne, I'm an alcoholic

Postby musicmode » Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:01 am

Wow!! Lots of excitement over New Year's? :P .

Got me thinkin' ###...u-oh :wink: ####...about the last New Years Eve/back when I was still drinkin'. Went to a house party. I remember 'observing' from a stool off to the side watching others play pool or something. I remember feeling out of place and uncomfortable. I remember 'thinking', here it is New Year's Eve...and I don't wanna be here. I remember feeling 'brushed off' and kind-a not wanted there by the person I was with ### :lol: ####. I remember being told "why don't you go and mingle." Humph :evil: . Definitely brushed off. So, went upstairs...there were people there...sure. There was a husband who was well into the sauce enough, with the wife glaring at him silently. There was another wife who wanted to go home, but the husband did not want to yet. There was more tension and conflict, and the more alcohol that was drank, the more the tension and conflict heightened. I remember when 12 o'clock struck...yee-haw!! There was a pause in the tension and conflict for a brief moment of Happy New Year merry-ment :twisted: . I, of course, played along...and honestly...a little bent outta shape myself, cuz here it was, 12 o'clock, and not too long before, I was pretty much told to "go away". Being stubborn...I stayed away...or rather, on the 1st floor. I was well into a conversation and started to finally lighten up, when the person I'd gone to this party comes up stairs~~looking for me, wondering why I hadn't gone back to him when it was New Years :shock: . I simply said, you were busy, and went on with the conversation I was having. Now, guess who wouldn't leave who's side. Then it came time to go home~~try getting a cab on New Years. Another headache.

Know what...sure, I was still drinkin', but I'd concluded then that New Years Eve is way more hype than it's worth. It's interesting, though...thinking about it...I wasn't uncomfortable with where I was/surroundings. I was just plain uncomfortable, period. The booze wasn't working, and I could see the effects it was having on others...I venture to guess that I was perhaps beginning to feel, that something was wrong. I was uncomfortable because I was ### :wink: #### an alcoholic, trying to fit in...and it just wasn't working for me anymore. That was not the last New Years that I drank...that's the last New Years that I remember drinking :oops: , I drank still, for another 2 years after that, and I don't recall at all what happened any other New Years after that. Wow! I am soooo grateful that I don't have to do that anymore.

Maybe we don't have 'chat' set up...but that don't mean, if anyone has nothing other on their agendas, we can't see how many people we can have 'on the line' here at the same time :wink: Time variances, etc., make it a little tricky, sure. I am all content with staying home, without the worry or wonder of how to get home, and, staying sober...without the misery of being ill of a hangover. For those of you who care to be on the site...I'll be around sometime...for those of you who are going to be out and about...have a great evening, and Happy New Year.

Stay safe and stay sober.

In the Spirit of the fellowship,

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Postby littlemiss » Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:28 pm


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...I LOVE-LOVE the Trans-Siberian orchestra! We have ALL of the DVD/CD's!!!! AND, I TRIED to get tickets this year, but they were sold out!!!!

Just wanted to Check-In...I did survive the Holidays SOBER-AS-A-STONE...:)

We went to visit my Mum (27 years sober in A.A.)...& my brother (2 years in A.A.)...and I told them about ME in A.A....and they were shocked (heh)...but happy...& of course, supportive.

***I have 60+ DAYS, KIDZ!!!!! Got my 60 Day chip, too!***

We (husband & I) never really whooped up New Years anyway...but he DID say, "Gee, I usually buy you a really expensive bottle of champagne for NY''s really different now, huh?" Um, yeah...

Anyway, I'm around...AND, I have 2 Commitments at 2 different meetings now! Woot! Clean-up & Set-up...AMEN.

But Dear Lord, I need to lay-off the hot chocolate before bed!...:)

garden variety
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Postby garden variety » Fri Jan 04, 2008 10:09 am

Hi Ann Marie,

Good to see you back again and clicking up those days - another chip? Wow good for you!

Also it's great that you have a couple meeting commitments. I know folks who tell me their committments at one time or another early in their sobriety were the only things that kept them sober.

But it sounds like you're having fun which is just great! Who'd a thunk helping other people and drinking hot chocolate would be something you'd be doing while 90% of America was puking, getting sick, wrecking cars, getting into fights, waking up with a hangover, or becoming the next day's business at funeral homes.

I think I like your version of fun better. :D

Keep up the good work!

God bless always,

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