Alcohol in Cologne or Fragrances

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Alcohol in Cologne or Fragrances

Postby garden variety » Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:10 pm

Hello all,

I found out a while back that I can't use any type of men's colognes directly on my skin because I get really bad headaches that last several days afterward. I found out this is because of the high alcohol content.

On the average, men and women's fragrances contain 80-94% alcohol which includes the top name brands you buy in department stores. You can pay $80-$110 for a bottle of designer cologne which means you can be paying over $25 an ounce for alcohol - the same poison that can kill an alcoholic.

Well for me, this qualifies as "alcohol in some form" or another, and true to the book, I honestly can't use colognes that contain alcohol because they make me sick. I also believe there are probably other ingredients in the colognes that contribute to headaches, too. I've also read that I'm not the only one that has headache reactions to cologne or perfume.

What I had been doing was spraying my shirt beforehand with cologne, and then letting it dry before putting the shirt on. This works as far as not getting headaches or having direct skin contact with the cologne or alcohol. And the fragrance does cling to the shirt so you smell nice. But I finally found a company that produces alcohol-free cologne and perfume products.

The name of the outfit is "Nantucket Natural Oils" which is located in New England somewhere (don't even ask me to recite any of those "rhymes" that use the word "Nantucket"). Their prices are pretty high for fragrances, but the item is pure and it does go farther than alcohol-based fragrance products. I'm not trying to "plug" this company either. It was the only company I found that has alcohol-free fragrances.

Fragrances are not "copywritten", patented, or protected other than by so-called "trade secrets", so the "recipies" can be used by anyone. (Example Coca-cola is just a well-guarded trade secret - the logo and merchandsing is protected but the soft-drink "recipe" is not.) So Nantucket has a whole line of popular designer fragrances both imported and domestic, and they have their own line of original fragrances.

I tried out a 1/2 ounce bottle of Nantucket's version of "Armani" which cost me $52.00 delivered to my door. They were right. No headaches, and a little bit went a long way. The great thing is that, sure enough, the perfume oil smells just like Armani (mine was the "original" Armani for men that came out quite a while back). So Nantucket is a good alternative for me, and I'll be a return buyer because I believe their products are alcohol-free - and I don't get headaches. And the product I used did not smell or act like a cheap imitation of the real thing.

I just wanted to mention this because there are some alcoholics who are concerned about COMPLETE abstinence and use of all products containing alcohol. I try not to leave any stone unturned because there are still plenty of alcohol dangers lingering out there in the marketplace that are not common knowledge, and they are not disclosed either. The farther alcohol in any form is away from me, the better off, and safer that I am.

Some folks might think this is taking it a bit far, but I really do like to smell nice when I clean up. Now I can smell nice and not have to worry about having a headache or coming into contact with a form of alcohol.

Say - if anyone else has found common products like this that can keep alcoholics at a safer distance from alcohol in any form, you'd be doing all of us a big help to post them here.

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