OTC Alert: Imodium AD: Please be AWARE!

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garden variety
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OTC Alert: Imodium AD: Please be AWARE!

Postby garden variety » Fri Feb 08, 2008 11:26 am

Hello friends,

Here we have a double hitter coming up to bat. I had a serious bout with a stomach virus, and guess what the good doctor suggested? He prefers Iomodium AD or its generic form Loperamide over the pink bismuth of Pepto Bismol. Well not for this alcoholic.

But here is something to also remember: it is easier to detox a person than it is to bring them back from death, so if I was facing a deadly dehydration as a result of dirrhea that only Iomodium AD code stop, well I might rehink my options before saying no completely. And don't pay no attention to me for your doctoring brother, I'm an alcoholic not an MD. This is just information so you are informed and aware.

Fact 1. Iomodium liquid "generics" or store-brand "works the same as" can contain .5% ethyl alcohol (see Walgreen store brand). This would qualify the product to a be a "form of alcohol" that an alcoholic could not safely use. Thank God the book keeps it simple: the alcoholic cannot safely use alcohol in any form.The brand name liquid "IOMODIUM AD" doesn't contain alcohol, but the generic store brand makers claim their product is manufactured by the same company. The bottom line: READ THE LABEL!!!

Fact 2. The active ingredient Loperamide is an opiod receptor agonist. The primary purpose is to quit your bowels of course and its not intended to have any kind of opiod action on the brain and should not cross the so-called "blood brain barrier in significant amounts". Are we getting on shaky ground? What the heck is a significant amount and who makes that decision? Can certain other chemicals in your blood stream or even simple stuff you eat or drink combine to make that happen? What happens after you drink 6 bottles? Note this is a question an alcoholic would ask - 6 bottles of anti-diarrheal? That's the first number that came into my mind - some will understand. Well heck pilgrim! Do I look like a chemical engineer?

Fact 3, et al. Loperamide "has been observed" causing physical dependence in "certain patients". Symptoms of opiate withdrawal have also been been observed in "certain patients" using Loperamide. Side effects can include drowsiness, dizziness, and tiredness at normal doses and "mild euphoria" or "mild stimulation" at high doses.

The Question? This is one you have to answer yourself. "Is it a duck?" With what I've read about Loperamide, there are certain risks with this chemical. I never had an addiction to opiods, heck I like poppy-seed sweet rolls but it will make my urine dirty not that it matters to anyone. But I don't feel comfortable with possible side effects so it's not for me to use. If I was a heroin addict, I'd run like a scalded dog in the other direction from this stuff. But if there were no substitutes available and I was going to die if I didn't have the analgesic effect going on in my bowels and not my brain, then I'd take the chance, but only then and if no less-risky substitute was available.

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Postby Tim » Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:26 pm

I hope you are feeling better after your illness. Medications can be problematic for alcoholics. Many medications, prescription and over-the-counter. are formulated as an elixir (Read: contains alcohol) and should be avoided. As you point out, read the label before using any medication that is in liquid form.

Anyone who has been around AA for awhile has doubtless heard stories--some in the horror category--about alcoholics who returned to drinking as a direct or indirect result of medications they were taking.

Here is what I do (Please note that this is personal and does not represent anything other than my own approach to this issue). It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: I do not take any medication that contains alcohol. I find or ask for another formulation--solid or liquid--without alcohol.

I find that some medications, while they do not contain alcohol, alter my mind in a way that reminds me of the effect of alcohol--euphoric recall. For example, I regularly took a prescription allergy medication that did this, and to which I developed tolerance. I discovered that switching to another medication that eliminated this effect and using other measures to reduce my allergies were helpful. I am cautiously vigilant about any medication I am taking.

When I stopped drinking and began in AA, my body was in lousy physical shape, which goes with the territory. While AA is a spiritual program, I learned that taking good care of my body has helped me tremendously. I exercise--cardiovascular, flexibility, strength training--about an hour most days of the week. This has been good medicine and contains no alcohol.

Make of this what you will.

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Postby Dallas » Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:36 pm

Hey Paul, it's good to see you back on the board. I sure hope you are feeling better! It makes me feel better when I can read something from you. And, thanks for the updates on the OTC Trail! You bring up ideas that I either haven't thought about at all -- or, ideas in areas where it would be easy for me to stray off into one of those dangerous areas. There have been more times that I'm checking labels and taking some matters much more serious -- as a result of remembering something that you've shared.

Tim, it's good to hear from you, too. Thanks for your updates and the important messages that you share. They go a long way in making my life better!


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Postby Susan » Sun Mar 09, 2008 8:33 am

Glad you are feeling better GardenVariety :D

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My name is Anne, I'm an alcoholic

Postby musicmode » Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:06 pm

You were under the weather :cry: ...so sorry to hear that. This topic does as much stirring as alcohol in cooking sometimes. Some say, get the flu shot. Sounds like a quick cure, doesn't it? I don't do the flu shot cuz anyone I've ever known to get the shot...ends up getting the flu ###...don't that quick cure work just ducky? :twisted: ####. As much as possible, I try to keep my immune system strong when I'm well, and when I do feel a little something coming on, I try to nip it in the bud so-to-speak. Foods that help to do this are onions&garlic, cayenne pepper, and lots of citrus fruit. If me or someone in my household starts chirping about not feeling well, it's spaghetti night...I make my own sauce and make sure certain ingredients are in the sauce. As a result, we don't have "sick house" very darn often. Some of those strains of illness tend to come on stronger than others, so, sometimes...someone is down for the count for a day or two. Stomach ailments? Ginger, like maybe ginger ale. Diahrea...think for a second, what foods cause constipation? How about cheese? Or, how about if you are constipated? Coconut is a natural laxative. It's interesting how much of this stuff I learned when I was pregnant. Got stiffened muscles, all knotted up...you can buy an over the counter pill ###, a drug, or...visit your local health food store, and, mussels ### in the ####, you can buy this in a compressed caplet form, and this will relieve tensed up muscles. God as we understand Him has provided us with all of these natural remedies. It's the pharmaceutical companies that gain when we get sick. Got a headache? Take a pill. Got an upset stomach...take a pill. Now, don't get me wrong, there are, indeed, legitimate illnesses for which we might require medications...but for your every day "run of the mill" bugs...we as a society have been bombarded with advertising ### Dallas, I know that's your source of ####, that suggests to us that if we take Nytol, or Dayquil or whatever...we're going to be out there skipping down the sidewalk ###, that analagy in itself should give us a pretty good indication of some of the "side effects"..which are minimal...so what if you're a little insane for a little while, right :roll: .

There was one of those stubborn viruses going around last winter, my better half was one of those who got hit with it. He goes to the Dr., gets some antibiotics and was told to take them, and this virus will run its course in about 6 weeks. Okay. Had a friend ### of #### who also got hit with this virus. She goes to the Dr., Dr., says he'll give her a prescription for antibiotics, well, this don't sit too good with her, so she asks him how long it would take to get over this with the antibiotics. He says this strain takes about 6 weeks to get rid of. So, she asks how long would it take if she didn't take the antibiotics. The Dr., was truthful and forthright and said that with or without the antibiotics, this bug takes about 6 weeks to get rid of. So...the perception then is??? What? Person goes to the Dr., expecting to get a pill to make them feel better? What? By the way, our friend in the program walked away from the Dr.'s office without the antibiotics. We can strengthen our resistance to the sun/sunburns by eating more yellow and orange vegetables.

The information that we as alcoholics seek is out there. Sleep is the best way to get well sooner, it's while we sleep that our bodies can fight off what ever is attacking it. This is just from my own personal experience and perspective.

Stay healthy and be good to yourselves,

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Postby Dallas » Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:11 pm

Thank you for sharing that information Anne!!!

I think it would help me and many of "us"... if we had some kind of section here... and you would be willing to help us learn of these natural remedies that can greatly improve our chances at keeping healthy!

While it is true... that we can't offer anyone any medical advice or medical opinions... there is no law and no rules that says we can't talk about "staying healthy!" or, "How we might stay healthier!" :lol:

If you're up to that... let me know! I think it would be interesting and helpful.


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