A prayer attitude

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A prayer attitude

Postby tim-one » Sat May 16, 2009 7:45 am

When I re-found my relationship with my HP, I was entralled, enthusiastic, excited.

After the Lord's prayer after a meeting, someone told me my voice was loud across the big room (about 200 peops) and it was a bit annoying.

I didn't say it, but I prayed for him. He was apparently ANNOYABLE and needed to work on that. :-)

Well, anyway, it's not my job to annoy people either, so I lowered my public prayer voice in compliance with his admonition.

For some reason (Lord), I started adjusting my voice until it sounded like the voice of 200 people was coming out of my mouth.

I remembered that heaven is a really noisy place. Ain't no harps there. Trumpets and the voice of multitudes.

I started offering the voice of the many to my HP thinking, "Look how these people love You, Father".

Suddenly my voice was stronger and louder that it was before. I really became a member of the body, the fellowship in my heart that day.

So now I pray, "Thank You Father that I'm not special. Please help me to care for others with empathy and not pity. Thank You, Father, that I am them and not just me."

(By the way ... try to get 200 people in church to circle-up in less than 20 seconds without caring whose hand they were holding. I love you guys!)

Love y'all,

PS: Enthusiasm comes from the Greek "en theos" - God within. Another book calls that "filled with the Spirit".

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