4th Step Prayers

Step 11: Prayer & Meditation
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4th Step Prayers

Postby robbiechaos » Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:20 am

Resentment Prayer

Lord, I Know That Insert Name
Is Perhaps As Sick As I Am
Though I Despise Inset Name’s Transgressions
Guide Me That I May Show Insert Name
The Same patience and Tolerance
I Would Give A Gravely Ill Friend
Bless Me With Peace and Remove My Anger
So I May Be Helpful To Insert Name

Fear Prayer

Humbly I Trust and Rely on You
For My Courage and Strength
I Beg of Thee Remove My Fear
Direct My Attention To What You Would Have Me Do
That I May Demonstrate Your Power
To Those I Would Help
By Matching Calamity With Serenity!!!

Relationship Prayer

Lord, Earnestly I Pray
For The Vision To See
Where I Was At Fault
And The Course I Should Have Taken
In My Relations With Insert Name
Grant Me The Strength and Sanity
To Do The Right Thing
Mold My Ideals
That I May Think of Insert Name ‘s Needs
And Help Me Work Toward
Living Up To Them

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Postby Fallon » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:34 am

I too do not hold with the typical "Christian" God concept. Fortunately I learned early in the program that the only thing that mattered was believing there was something out there more powerful than I. Personally, my God has very little to do with the Christian God. But I also allow others to have their Gods and beliefs as it is truly none of my business what they believe as it is not for me to judge. Whatever Higher Power they can believe in that helps then find sobriety is all that matters. The definition is irrelevant. The term God as it is used in the suggested prayer is simply referring to ones perception of a Higher Power.

Thanks for the perspective as I believe it needed to be clarified.

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