Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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My Sponsor

I would like to tell you a story about a very special friend
We've built a special relationship one that I pray will never end.
We share a special story Filled with tragedy and despair
Traveling roads of misery very few could ever compare.

I remember when I first met you my life was falling apart
Sitting in a room full of alcoholics I just didn't know where to start
I was so afraid and full of fear when I looked into your eyes
I was afraid you wouldn't like me maybe see through all my lies.

You held my hand so gently and your smile was oh so bright
I will never forget that moment I will cherish it the rest of my life.
You took me into your home and you shared your story with me
We read the Big Book together you slowly helped me to clearly see.

You had me put on paper all the pain I felt inside
And you held onto me tightly when I just wanted to run and hide.
We walked down every avenue Opened doors looked in every crack
You told me to be thorough and honest if I really wanted to get my life back.

You helped me find a relationship with an entity I could empower
Most of the people I know describe it as a higher power.
You showed me how to be responsible you were the perfect example for me
You helped me clean up the wreckage of past and in this process I became free.

With your patience I learned to love again and you showed me how to forgive
You told me the success to a happier life what I was taught I would freely give
Now my days are filled with happiness and joy One day at a time is how I live my life
Because of the love you have shown me No longer am I handcuffed by strife.

We have shared so many laughs and we have wiped each others tears
We have grown so much together through out all these wonderful years
You might not always be my sponsor but in my heart you'll remain my friend
I will always remember what you taught me to the newcomer my hand will extend.

Rick Lamp (c) copyrighted 2010

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Postby Dallas » Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:18 am

Thanks, for sharing this, Rick!

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