Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Trust god, clean house and work with others
You said I should do this if I don't want to drink,
That the freedom I seek from alcohol
Is in the actions that I take.
I couldn't trust you when I walked in these rooms
It was hard for me to trust anyone,
To open myself and show you my pain
Was like standing in front of a gun.
You gave me some paper and you gave me a pen
You suggested I be thorough, honest and true,
You shared with me your experiences
And then you helped guide me through.
Slowly I began to trust again
And others began to trust me,
In time I noticed I was changing
I was becoming the man I wanted to be.
When I trust in God, I can trust in you
And I can trust the choices I make,
When I stick out my hand to the newcomer
In there recovery I will partake.

Rick Lamp (c) copyright 2010

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