Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Where are you daddy
When I lay down my head at night,
Remember when you read me books
Before you turned out my bedroom lights.

Where are you daddy
When I wake up early in the morning,
Mommies rushing to start our day
And I can't smell your coffee brewing.

Where are you daddy
As I begin my day in school,
I remember when you'd drop me off
My friends thought you were so cool.

Where are you daddy
How come you don't come home at night?
Your chair sits empty at dinner
And mommy seems so quiet.

Where are you daddy
I can hear mommy crying more and more,
She doesn't think I am listening
When she's in her room and shuts the door.

Where are you daddy
I am sorry if I hurt you,
I'll try do everything better daddy
I'll do anything you ask me to do

Where are you daddy
I miss you, I need you by my side,
You need to hold my hand daddy
Cause I don't want to hide.

Where are you daddy
Won't you please come home to me?
Can't you stop drinking long enough?
I am begging you wont you please.

Where are you daddy
I pray to god when I shut my eyes,
Won't you bring my daddy to me?
I don't want my daddy to die...

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