A Special day in San Antonio

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A Special day in San Antonio

Postby rlamp404040 » Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:29 pm

50,000 happy faces sitting in one room
It's something I had dreamt about for years,
I was so overwhelmed with a sense of love
I wasn't the only one wiping away tears.
We came in droves from all over the world
To rejoice in the life that we had found,
We came to share our experience and strengths
In this building that was so big and round.
There were big people, little people, young people and old
And there was a smile on every face,
The weather was rainy and the air was humid
But I didn't want to be in any other place.
We woke up early and went to bed late
And we walked for miles each day,
We had coffee with people we have never met
And we shared food in all the cafes.
There were stories we heard that made us cry
Some stories sent a chill up and down my spin,
It was exactly the way I thought it would be
Like it was some divine spiritual design.
I just can't tell how many times
During the day I stopped to pray,
To thank the god I have come to know
For allowing us these very special days...


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