Common Denominator

Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Common Denominator

Postby rlamp404040 » Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:36 pm

Common Denominator

I always thought if I ran fast enough
I could leave all my dysfunction behind
But I didn't realize all the strings attached
I was the puppeteer and I could not hide.

No matter where I went trouble followed me
I thought a geographic would make me new
But low and behold it didn't take long
And once again I found myself screwed.

I thought it might be the people I know
So I went looking so I could decry
But after 20 years of living a lie
All that was left was me, myself and I.

When a job didn't work I got another one
But I wasn't liked or I was misunderstood
Eventually I no longer looked for a job
I was tired of being sabotaged by you.

I spent so much of my life running
With all these shadows following me
Trying to get relief from the insanity
Hoping that I could be free.

When there was nowhere left to go but up
I grabbed the hand you stuck out to me
I listened when you told me you found the answer
And some day I might finally be free.

Eventually over time I came to understand
I was the common denominator in all my strife
And if I took your advice and did some work
I could get back a functional life.

Rick Lamp © Copyright 2010

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