Twas the night before rehab

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Twas the night before rehab

Postby Rickm18 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:31 pm

Twas the night before rehab

Twas the night before rehab and all through room
Bottles were scattered, a feeling of doom
How long had I been there how much had I spent
No call to the wife nor text message sent

Its not my fault, my child hood to blame
My alky father, he was just lame
Or maybe my mother a religious freak
If I could forget them, my life would then peak

Went off to college learned how to drink
Came out of my shell, beer was the link
Drugs, sex and booze galore
No matter how much, I needed more

Made decent grades, got a degree
I had arrived, it's all about ME !!!!
My friends then slowed down but it didn't matter
Found my own type, then I felt better

3:00 am a guard rail, totaled the car
Lenient judge, then off to the bar
Id only drink beer, one maybe two
At the end of the night I'd had quite a few

Left the wife, broke her her heart
Moved far away, a brand new start
All new friends, off we would go
Down the same path, Id try to go slow

I was quite happy in this new town
No one to annoy me or give me a frown
Drink all I want, career did not suffer
A functioning alky, occasional puffer

Now remarried one kid then 2
Good times were many, then there were few
She's not fun I started to reason
So I'll just drink its always the season

It's my job that was the excuse
But by now she knew the truth

You got to slow down or I'll take the kids
Promises were made but the bottle was hid
Beer to vodka that she can't smell
Slowly life was becoming hell

Walking a line, right on the edge
Inside I wanted to jump off a ledge
A drink in the morning, that'd do the trick
Calm my nerves and not feel so sick

Lost self esteem packed on the pounds
Still I would order round after round
One year then two then three then five
Finally drinking alone in a dive

That's when I woke in that hotel room
Solemnly wishing it were my tomb
A moment of clarity, that was strange
Screaming out loud, please let me change

Rehab I thought, I had to do it
Can't be so hard, rock stars get through it
Walk in nature, look at some trees
Clear my head, feel the breeze

I need a break thats what I said
Down on my luck, the wrong path been led
There are people out there, much worse
I don't sleep in a street or rob from a purse

Feb 18 a fateful day
Shot of Librium, talk of AA
90 in 90 is what they said
Prisons institutions or maybe just dead

Find a higher power read this book
Religon is not for me, but I'd give it a look
This guy Bill Wilson I could relate
Similar story, similar fate.

Things Id been seeking all of my life
Page 158, ended the strife
An epihanal moment, a spear in the chest
In finding God I found myself

Then 28 days spent on a pink cloud
Voices in my head no longer so loud
Went to a meeting when I returned home
Old timers suggested pick up the phone

With my sponsor, steps 1,2 and 3
Finally admitted I have this disease
Life unmanageable, all for naught
A higher power, finally sought

Then came the time to make out a list
I gotta tell ya I found my self pissed
The things I resented, I was to blame
Just like my father, I had been lame

Had to atone the sins of the past
Promises came, freedom came fast
God was always there to throw me a rope
Now I had to climb it to find a new hope

The guy on my shoulder still lowers my guard
As he tells me, your life is marred
Well have fun, your problems have lessened
You can drink, you've learned your lesson

That's why I keep opening the door
To listen to those who've been there before
And lend a hand whenever I can
Less like a kid, more like a man

Follow his will, not that of mine
Brings a new life, one day at a time
Lies and booze, now are replaced
With my wife and family, smiles on our face

Although my disease will never be gone
Faith and fellowship, will bring me along

A face unseen a name unknown
A happy life to call their own
Tomorrow's child I will never see
But if I break the chain, perhaps can be free

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Postby Dallas » Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:50 am

Thanks for sharing!

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night before Christmas- Big Book style

Postby Hionlife » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:58 am

Night Before Christmas - Big Book Style

'Twas the night before Christmas, we were all in the club,
Enjoying a meeting, instead of a pub.

The ashtrays were clean, and the coffee was made,
The Big Books were out and then we all prayed.

When out in the lot, there arose such a clatter,
We all jumped up to see what was the matter.

The Chair with his Big Book, and I with my smokes,
Headed outside to find these two blokes.

They came inside and sat at a table;
And said that they'd chair, as soon as they're able.

To start with, they said, "It's more than not drinking;
It's doing your best to have God fix your thinking."

"First Things First!" and the slogans we used,
Help keep the newcomer from getting confused.

Step 1 is a start, they said we should know,
But after Step 2, we'll be all aglow.

We make a decision when we got to Step 3,
Step 4 was a bit tough, we all could agree.

Step 5 is the one where we let it all out,
And after Step 6 and 7, we're left with no doubt.

When we got to Step 8, we made our full list;
And then with Step 9, we have to persist.

After Step 9, more promises ring true;
We didn't just make that up, right out of the blue.

After that, it's on with the rest;
The things we must do, to be our best.

They put on their coats and got ready to leave;
A very good end, for this Christmas Eve.

As to their names, we only could guess;
Must have been Bill W. and Dr. Bob S.

The two men hopped into a '35 Ford,
And as they pulled out, one of them roared:

"We leave this message, for our sisters and brothers:
Trust God, clean house, and be of service to others.

And for all of you people, I just want to say:
Have a nice holiday, and don't drink today!"

- Unknown

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