Don't Worry, levels of Denial

Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Don't Worry, levels of Denial

Postby campsurf » Tue Sep 05, 2006 4:15 pm

Don't Worry

Don't worry
It's not what you think.
a couple of joints
and something to drink......

Don't worry
I know what I am doing
and if it becomes a problem
it wasn't something that I was pursuing....

Don't worry
about all the money spent
or if it was my paycheck
I used instead of paying rent.....

Don't worry
I'll be OK if things get out of hand
I know what to do
just try and understand.....

Don't worry
it's only a little cocaine
it was free and I couldn't turn it down
I know where to go if it causes any pain.

Don't worry
about me any more
It's my life to ruin if I want
I'm not that hardcore.....

Don't worry
I didn't mean to cause you pain
with all the things I do
I was just trying to maintain....

Don't worry
when things get out of my control
I was just partying and having fun
at the local watering hole....

Don't worry
if I crash my car and go to jail
all my friends have done it
someone always threw their bail.

Don't worry
if I end up on the street
with no where left to go
this is something I can beat....

Don't worry
watching as I fall from your grace
and can't look you in the eye
as my life becomes a disgrace.

Don't worry
if I can't find my way back
it's not what you think
It's just a little crack....

Don't worry
I won't be around for you to see
what has taken all I have
and robbed the best part of me...

Don't worry
when they find me in decease
still and all alone
I have finally found my peace.

Don't worry
It's not what you think
a couple of joints
and a good stiff drink......

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