Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Postby Lee » Tue Jan 08, 2008 8:59 pm

I took one step, began to moan

I can't do this on my own

I took two steps, began to pray,

Restore me, GOD today

I took three steps, gave up my will

Maybe GOD loves me still

I took a fourth, I looked inside

Nothing more would I hide

And on the fifth, I said aloud

I've done some wrong, and I'm not proud

I took six steps, and got prepard

To lose the defects, I was scared

Now I'm at seven, take them away

GOD, for this I do pray

And on eight, the list was long

Amends to make for all the wrong

I took nine steps, put down my pride

Forgiveness asked, I will not hide

Ten steps I take, each day I pray

Make amends, along the way

And on eleven, I pray to know

Each day his will, which way to go

I took twelve steps, I'm like a bird

To others now, I spread the word......

this prayer was written by a dying person who is in recovery, living in Phoenix, AZ. After each lead he closed with the above.

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