Outpatient Meeting

Sobriety quotes and sayings heard in Meetings
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Outpatient Meeting

Postby Worm » Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:27 am

We have family night every Friday night for anyone who ever went through the program. I commenced last October and have not been much since January because of my license. Since I have all that settled now I'm back going and enjoying it very much.

Its a little sad that I haven't seen any of the ones I was in the program with. Well actually only 2 of us made it through it.4 of them relapsed before they made it through.

Any way the program on Fridays consist of a short film,usually Father Martin, and a round the room so everyone can share how their week went or problems etc.. We try to give some positive feedback to those who had rough weeks.

There's this guy who I honestly believe is not trying to be funny but he is hilarious. I just enjoy hearing him speak because you never know whats gonna come out.

Last week he was trying to think of romanticizing the drug(its about half and half alcoholics and addicts)he said"You all know what its like when you are marinading your drug?"


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Postby Dallas » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:12 am

Thanks Worm,

Your story reminds me of a very dear AA friend that we had to bury late last year. His name was Bob, and we called him "Cowboy Bob".

You never knew what he was going to say, nor the words that he would use or prounouce to say it... but, you could always know -- that it was the Language of the Heart... coming from deep inside his heart. Bob, was a REAL southern cowboy! Broke horses and the whole nine yards of "Country Boy." And, he was a real A.A. hero! He helped many.

I sure miss him. He was one of my closest AA running buddys. We were in deed -- brothers in the spirit.

I miss you Bob!


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