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Postby Dallas » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:17 pm

How? Here's how:

We follow a few simple instructions laid out for us in detail, for:
Step 3, and Step 4, in the Big Book.

Then, as a result of following that process... it changes our perceptions.

Once our perceptions have been changed -- the resentments are gone.

What's actually happening is, what Bill W. wrote about further on in the Big Book (after he gave the instructions for Steps 4 & 5) where he wrote something similar to: "to get over drinking requires a transformation of thought and attitude."

Bill had an interesting way of writing. He would give us some instructions to follow; then we would suspend our judgements long enough about the instructions to take the actions; taking the actions would produce results; then, later on... Bill would explain something that would explain what the principle was -- that produced the result.

So... by applying that here's what I come up with:

1. "to get over drinking requires a transformation of thought and attitude."

Ok... How do I get over a resentment?

2. "to get over RESENTMENT requires a transformation of thought and attitude."

See how it works?

You might then ask: Why didn't Bill just tell us that in the first place?

We... I don't think Bill consciously knew that he was doing it that way. Maybe he did and maybe he didn't.

Either way -- my experience has shown that IF an alcoholic is told about "how to get something" without "giving instructions for actions to take" then he/she won't take the actions... and thus, won't experience the experience.

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Postby Toast » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:39 pm

Resentment is like walking around all day with a stone in your shoe and telling everyone your fine, you always walk like that! :lol:

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