What is Alcoholism ? words of Bill W.

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What is Alcoholism ? words of Bill W.

Postby ccs » Sat Apr 11, 2009 1:38 am

31Q - What is alcoholism?

31A - Alcoholism is a malady; that something is dead wrong with us physically; that our reaction to alcohol has changed; that something has been very wrong with us emotionally; that our alcoholic habit has become an obsession, a obsession which can no longer reckon even with death itself.
Once firmly set, one is not able to turn it aside. In other words, a sort of allergy of the body which guarantees that we shall die if we drink, an obsession of the mind which guarantees that we shall go on drinking.

Such has been the alcoholic dilemma time out of mind, and it is altogether probable that even of those alcoholics who did not wish to go on drinking, not more than five out of one hundred have ever been able to stop before A.A.

(Yale Summer School of Alcohol Studies, June 1945).

I`de like to thank GeoffS for getting me started on this I LOVE THIS Stuff !!!!!!!! maybe we can compare where we get our info from !!?

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Postby Dallas » Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:26 am

Thank you, Cessie!!!

As I mentioned in another post... just a few seconds ago... please keep this info coming! It adds so much light on the real thinking of Bill W., in regards to better understanding other things that he said and wrote.

I met a lady in Little Rock, Arkansas, that was a social worker and had attended the Yale studies that were presented by Bill Wilson.

When she returned to Little Rock, after the studies... she came in contact with a mental-health patient that had been locked up. She was able to recognize that the patient was actually suffering from the insanity of alcoholism.

She worked with him and got him into AA -- and not only saved his life -- his life has gone on to save hundreds and thousands of other alcoholics that he personally worked with.

And, not only that -- he traveled around the globe -- sharing the AA message, his experience, strength and hope... and his unique ability to understand and later teach his understanding of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This alcoholic mental-health patient that had previously been discarded into an institution -- was none other than Joe McQ -- Joe McQuany -- of the original "Charlie and Joe Big Book Studies" that are still helping AA's today around the world!



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