Recovery or Destiny ?

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Recovery or Destiny ?

Postby ccs » Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:58 pm

this is one of my readings from today( I`ve done a llittle editing to it since I`m posting it on an A.A. site I removed references it had to other things but the message is still the same!)

some of you that know me know that I have been in an A.A. slump of sorts ( resting on my laurels) I`ve been searching for something I`m not even sure what ! even though I know what works now is that insanity or what? isnt it insane how sometimes the things we search for or think we need take us so far away from whats right in front of us all the time God knows what he`s doing I DON`T! He lead me to A.A so why would I stray from where my GOD has lead me (human nature?)

I know that A.A has saved my life and I know that it works if I take the action I thank GOD that I havent found it necessary to drink while in this slump and I know that GOD will not do for me what I can do for myself
wich is work this proram to the best of my abillity& use the tools that HE lead me to and to T.R.U.S.T (Try Really Using Step Three) in HIM and in the 12 steps to a better life that HE lead me to

I am slowly coming back I want you all to know how much some of you here (YOU know WHO you are) have been of service to me with your words you`ve helped me more than you could ever imagine I`m getting back into Action !!! thank you All LUV -2-ALL Cessie !

heres the reading I mentioned at the beginning of this post It Touched my heart hope it touches you too ! :wink:

Keep It Simple

One meets his destiny often on the road one takes to avoid it.---French proverb
None of us, perhaps, ever thought we'd end up in recovery. But we were working at joining recovery years before we got here! Maybe recovery was our fate from the day we first took a drink . Others around us could see the writing on the wall, but we couldn't. We were to busy trying to avoid the pain. Alcoholism has to do with us trying to find spiritual wholeness--- the kind of spiritual wholeness we're finding now. . .in recovery. So, let's welcome recovery into our lives. We have found our spiritual home.
Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, I got lost because I acted like I knew the way to a good life. You lead the way. Thank-you for putting me on the right track.
Action for the Day: Today, I'll think about why it's my fate to be in recovery. I will list ways that I try to avoid my fate.

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Postby sunlight » Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:51 pm

Oh Cessie! I am so happy to hear that! :D You made my day, & lately, not much has been able to make it!

For me today, action means people.

Oh there are actions I take that are private: steps, prayer, reading, walking...
but it seems that these actions are a preparation for being helpful to people.
All the "private" things brought me to the realization that we're all connected!

I used to think I didn't have anything to offer people - even my drunk-a-log is boring! :roll: - but I began putting myself out there, by going to more meetings, getting a sponsor, sponsoring another, taking service positions, lingering to talk to a newcomer, doing night watch, etc... & I was amazed what a power boost that gave, not only to me, but to others!
Today, I don't need to be concerned or even think about what I'm supposed to say or do. I just put myself where there are those to whom I may be helpful, & the words & opportunities come! What a trip!
I know even just being on this site how a :) or a :?: or a :wink: can help me & motivate me to action. In person it's turbo-charged!

I never know how God is going to use me. But I need to show up so He can.
Hey, maybe I'll be letting that make my day from now on! :D Thanks Cess! You are the awesomest!

garden variety
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Postby garden variety » Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:10 pm


Awesome thread! Awesome posts too.

Thank you both for helping me today.


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Postby ccs » Thu Apr 23, 2009 4:03 pm

hey Guys I just wanna say I went to 3 meetings this week I may go again tonight!!!! I`m starting to feel better already I know I`ve got stay active but this is a start :D

I went to one todaythat was reall yawesome it is a group of very oldtimers they were calling the guy with 20 years just a lil pup !!!

thank-you all for being here :D


Cess :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Postby Dallas » Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:55 pm

Cessie, Sunlight and GV,

Thank you for sharing! I get a lot out of reading the messages that you post.

Cessie wrote:isnt it insane how sometimes the things we search for or think we need take us so far away from whats right in front of us all the time

Chuck Chamberlain used to say "What you're looking for -- you're looking with. "

I've often wondered about the recovery destiny idea. What if ALL that we have been through -- was to prepare us -- for our purpose? And, to prepare us for our job in purpose.

It reminds me of the part in Chapter 5, (I think it's page 63, 64), where it reads about a new Employer... :wink:


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Postby Jools » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:26 pm


I'm SO happy you're going to meetings. You sound so good!

I'm looking forward to seeing how that workshop goes, please keep us posted!

Much love,

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