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Postby ROBERT » Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:05 am

I was having a conversation with an x ,who amends had been made to, and the relationship has been since restored to friends.As we were going over some of our history, an incident from10 yrs. ago was being discussed.I started feeling the familiar feelings from that incident and was zoomed back in time, with the thoughts of what the OTHER person had done that I thought was wrong-WOW,this was a new adventure-I was having the justified anger issue the book talks about, I became sarcastic as the feelings and thoughts came-so I called my sponser. I needed to make a quick amends, and did, but still was uncomfortable with the thoughts of how the other party wasn't doing what I (the director) thought they SHOULD, make amends to me, or at least own up to their part,(absurd?)-my sponser quickly pointed out we are to look at OUR part only and that there were people he made amends to that had wronged him, and he expected a return of amends with no success, which he learned to just let it go, that was comforting but I had to deal with this. Thank God for the tools of this program, my higher power, and my sponser-with all three, I was able to deal with this in a healthy manner, and am able to accept life on lifes terms, be in reality, instead of a make believe world that my mind can create-and importantly to accept my feelings, but know they are just that, feelings, not necessarily reality of today.One reality I can't escape is this:Did we not at some point set the ball rolling :oops: Staying in today is a great tool :wink: Any experiences like this, I would love to hear about from ya'll.
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Postby joelo » Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:31 am

Hey Robert,

Sounds like you are on the RIGHT path! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

i am just starting on Step 4, (though i have made some amends that were pressing and needed doing ASAP), so i haven't gotten to Step 8 or 9 - but thanks for sharing your experience! :D

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