"THE BOX" inside outside ??

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"THE BOX" inside outside ??

Postby ccs » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:00 pm

dont know where I`m goin with this guys but its all about BOXES :lol:

I was just talkin to my neighor she said that her cat was in a box !! she had just got something in a cardboard box and kitty was laying in it!!
I know all cats like to play in boxes :D
so from there it went to
well she ( the cat )really did come to me in a box and she said that she herself came in a box too (litteraly) she was adopted she came in a box with acouple of toys and a little note baby girl something?? ( 40 sumthin yrs ago)

I said well we all come in boxes!! some of us venture outside of them some of of us stay inside of them but we all come in our own little boxes dont we
its up to us whether we stay in or come out so to speak :D ( oh and some of us are box hoppers hopping from one box to another :o )

she added yeah and some people you just wanna stuff back in their box and staple it shut :lol:

it got us both thinking (oh btw my neighbor is also in AA) about those "Boxes" we put ourselves in
I know for me I am in again out again finnigan :lol:

when I got to AA I was in a really nasty box that I could not imagine being out of for even just one minute but I stuck around and listened to others eventually I slooooooowly started to poke my head out here &there but it was scary out there :shock: so I got a sponsor and invited her in but she said NO NO NO :lol: you have got to come out but dont PANIC!! you only have to do it ONE STEP at a time well I thought I might be able to do that one at a time thing one inch one second one step ok this may work baby steps!!! so I listened to what she was saying she took me through the steps my box was getting smaller and smaller the more steps I took
we worked together and I BROKE OUT of that nasty little box :)
and now many years later I have the choice to either remember to one step at a time be in or out (I did trade my box in for a much nicer one though :D )
some times I am so far out :shock: that I need to be pulled back in some times I put myself back in and staple it shut because its safe in there some times I`m out just walkin around it doin what I`m supossed to do and some times someone else wants to stuff me in and shut me up
( I bet my daughter does alot :lol: )

today my box`s walls are down its when I step out of the light of GOD and the program that they start to come back up aleast today they come up one at a time and I have a choice to step back into the sunlight of GOD`s love and direction or let another wall come up
til I`m back in the box ( some times I need to be in the spiritual box alone with GOD to come out better than when I went in )

and thanks to the AA program and its fellowship I have GOD and a spiritual( tool box ) that box I never want to be empty

in, out, lid on, lid off, alone, with GOD whatever the box
today I am sure I do have a choice

LUV-2-ALL Cessie

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Postby Tim » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:50 pm

Wonderful post, Cessie! Thanks for all your contributions to the forum. I've learned some good things reading your posts.


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Postby Dallas » Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:15 pm

Thank you Cessie. I appreciate you!


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