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Re: Profanity ...

Postby Pebbles » Thu May 24, 2012 10:46 pm

Hi all,
This may or may not have a place in this spot on the forum, and if it doesn't, I apologize.
Today I was at an Alano Club in my area waiting for a meeting to start, and there was a group of probably 5 men sitting at the table where I was and they started talking about all the dirty, nasty pictures that they send to each other on their phones. They were laughing, talking quite loudly and descriptively, mostly about the women in the pictures. I started feeling quite uncomfortable, and one of my character defects is not being honest about how I feel, and bottling it up-trying to keep the peace. I am at a place in my recovery where stuff like that doesn't have a place in my life anymore. Things like that didn't used to bother me.....I never thought twice about it before I really started working on me. I feel like stuff like that shouldn't be openly discussed in a room full other people, especially in a place where children can be.
So me being who I am,(just "learning" to express how I really feel) said out loud to the group "Well, you are what you eat" and held up the book that I was reading titled "Drop the Rock" (which is a wonderful book on the 6th and 7th steps) and showed it to them, and walked out the door. I don't like being around that "stuff" anymore.
What is really sad, is that I know all of them to some extent, and one of the guys is sponsoring two of the other individuals that was there. He looked at me and tried to justify it all, saying that it was one of his sponsees fault.
What should I have done differently? Was I in the wrong for getting upset about what I was hearing, and saying something about it? The guy who is sponsoring the other two told me later that I had no reason to get upset like I did.
What would you have done if you were in the same position?

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Re: Profanity ...

Postby Dallas » Fri May 25, 2012 7:28 pm

Don't be hard on yourself.

I would have probably just ignored them, and thought to myself "Yep -- some are still very sick."
Then, I'd stay away from them. Remember -- you're in a colony of sick-o's. They didn't get there by being well -- and they probably won't stay there if they are not getting well. They go out -- and then, another group sits at the same table that they occupied.

If there were children around -- I would have definitely said something to them.
Then, I might have asked the parents -- "Why are you bringing your children to a place like this and exposing them to this kind of trash?"

Some clubs have "No Profanity" signs posted. Some don't.

We can't carry the burdens of the world on our shoulders. I've tried that -- and the only thing I got from it was anger.

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